Michael Cards Playshop – Santa Rosa 2016 in 5 Parts

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Aug 152017

Free for the Listening!

Hello Everyone,

Below are 5 – 45 minute videos of the December, 2016. Michael Motivation Card PlayShop in Marin County.

For a thorough understanding of the cards and their uses, please enjoy these videos and your own deck of Michael Motivation Cards™.


Part 1 – Introduction to the Cards

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Purchase the Michael Motivation Cards Today!

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Feb 142017

Here is what you get…

Banner - Michael Motivation Cards Workshop

If you are a student of life and like “out-of-the-box” approaches to view a situation, then the Michael Motivation Cards™ are for you! (Previously conceived as the Michael Tarot Cards.) The Michael Motivation Cards™ Deck is a fun and interactive way to explore Michael’s energy and learn more about the Michael Teachings(MT).

 Michael Motivation Cards author Stephen CocconiAuthored by long time Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor of the Michael Teachings, Stephen Cocconi, the cards present the important MT concepts such as: Overleaves, Soul Ages, and other aspects like Karma, Masculine-Feminine, and Life Task; visually!


The Dual Motivations embedded in the Michael Motivation Cards Michael Motivation Cards Pocket Guide 2nd Ed.Along with the Set is The Pocket Guide providing instructions for layouts and short but detailed descriptions, just as one would find using a tarot deck. However, the results are posed in terms of the prevailing and recommended “Dual” motivations (click graphic); present within the circumstance or person(s) being inquired about.


Get the Michael Motivation Cards and experience Michael, Anytime and Anywhere!Translating the MT concepts into a visual form adds another layer for self reflection like a Rorschach mirror of one’s projections, which can elicit vast amounts of conscious and unconscious information already within you. Built upon the foundation of the Michael Teachings, contributed to over the last 40 years by an ensemble of Channels, these Cards descriptions derive from a more Physical Plane and emotionally-centered view of life, emphasizing what happens in worldly interactions, and for the person(s) involved.

The author terms this new interpretation of the MT, the Applied Michael Approach™. The cards are a product of this methodology. The companion book: Michael on Motivation: A New Interpretation of the Michael Teachings using the Michael Motivation Cards™, will be published and for sale by Winter, 2013.

Order your Card Set NOW!

Ordering Instructions: From the menu, choose the specific group option for the number of decks you desire. Once at the order form, input the number of decks in that range making sure they correspond to the appropriate price per deck. Input your shipping zip code or country location and press “calculate” and an accurate total will appear. Person’s attempting to order smaller quantities at a lower price will be contacted to submit the difference. Apologies for the detailed steps but Paypal has its limitations. However, I am using it to insure that your credit transaction is secure. Thank you. :-)

Includes Tax & USPS-Priority

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Interesting Layouts: How I interpret the layers of meaning.

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Aug 252015

As I continue to chisel out the companion book for the Michael Motivation Cards™Interim title: “On Motivation – Getting Gotten on the Drives that make us Human”.

I’ve come across many instances where a selected sample of cards reveals some interesting facets or layers within them. This is the first in a series of assorted samples I’m offering, as illustrations of how one might scan a reading, deconstruct the elements, and make meanings. Continue reading »

Recordings for Using The Michael Motivation Cards

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Jun 162015

Recordings for the Michael Motivation CardsThe following recordings were made at the East Coast Michael Gathering at 7 Oaks April 24th, 2015

Feel free download any/all of the segments for later listening. There is no fee for doing so. If you wish to have the entire parent recording of this lecture, you may download that 64 minute file from the link here or again at the bottom of the page.

If these segments have raised additional specific questions, please email me. 

PART 1 – Introduction and Preserving Your Deck

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The Visual Guide is Here!

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Jun 062013


Thanks for continuing your support of the Michael Motivation Cards™. I’ve had many requests for an easy-to-understand visual guide which show the decks subsets reflecting cross-relationships of the cards to each other.  Notice group classifications are the order of numbering, significant corner symbols, rows by catergory, colored columns showing the vertical associations to the specific Roles sets and their subordinate Overleaves; with the remaining subsets at the bottom of the page each emphasising relevant aggregations. Continue reading »