Applied Michael


The Applied Michael Approach™ –

A derivative of the Orthodox Michael Teachings

The subjects of what follows are about human beings in bodies.

Despite the credo’s of many a formal religions, and the indirectly implied or unmentioned assertions beneath many metaphysical or spiritual systems of thought, the Physical Plane IS our focus!

Where the original Michael Teachings is a systematized structure describing the metaphysical universe, and the underlying construction of Essence and how it assembles a personality, the Applied Michael Approach takes that information and hones its attention to how we live a life. Thus the assumptions giving foundation to the Michael Motivation Cards are as follows:

  1. We are here on Earth, also referred to as the physical plane, to live life fully, not deny it, transcend it or escape it. You are here to facilitate evolution.
  2. We do so by exploring individuality (i.e. separation in metaphysical terms) which means we cope with the parameters of being in a body (your bio-suit), to house our Essence in a Personality.
  3. Life is a gift! Neither a punishment to be suffered, nor a way station for something better, or an some illusion to pretended away.
  4. The best way to gain experience is relationship to one another. That means, feeling the power of connection and experiencing the pain of disappointments.
  5. We learn through choice! We can choose amongst options available to us, and may even expand beyond them and perhaps create new options.
  6. We live within a domain of limits and must come to terms with them. Those most notable in temporal reality are: time, love, struggles for power and death.
  7. Life itself has two primary physical motivators: pleasure and pain. They have two more subtle but broad variations which impede or compel us called love and fear. Fear and pain are not enemies, but we struggle with them as to create resistance to stimulate growth.
  8. Your Ego is not an enemy. It is the guard dog of your Personality. It can be a friendly dog, a cowering dog, a mean dog, a tricky dog, or a rabid dog. It is up to you to become its master, not kill it off. Such a desire is egotistical in itself.
  9. Emotions Drive Everything! Individual and racial advancement occurs when we learn to use our minds to comprehend and work with our emotions, not override them or let them run us instinctively.

In relation to the Michael Motivation Cards, these assumptions do not prevent you from using the tool as a source of spiritual inquiry, instead it aims to make the responses more pertinent to living your life as a humane being.

The Applied Michael™ Approach promotes and directs awareness of the undying narratives of ones attitudes (using facilitation from the NoFault Communication Method); as to produce behaviors that create tangible and beneficial results in the world, and your life. But to achieve effectiveness one must explore emotions and how they drive us. And in doing so acknowledge, and have compassion for, our shared human condition. Have a session and see.

The Michael Motivation Cards™ are the first expression of Applied Michael™. For nearly 40 years, since the channeling received by Sarah Chambers and her group of enthusiasts first contacted a spirit that would, for convenience sake, refer to itself a “Michael”, the Michael Teachings have expanded into a worthy cosmology of the spiritual journey, creation schema in both metaphysical and physical domains, and provided the common characteristics of the formation of human personality and the evolution of the human condition.

When first published by fantasy and science fiction writer Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in Messages From Michael, a firestorm of interest was touched off in those who natively identified with the channeled personality traits characteristics, the Overleaves. With additional insights, deeper verification of the vague sense of degrees of spiritual maturity called Soul Ages, persons all over the globe began seeking out more information about these concepts and those who would be termed “Michael Channels.” Nested in the premise that the Physical Plane upon which various aspects of duality and individuality competed in this realm for the purpose of tangible experience, material manifestation, physiological existence, and personal extinction or death; these notions gave contrast to a multiple of popular belief systems while defining the efficacy or purpose of many of them. All of which, were delivered with the edict that any knowledge is to be “self-validated” and as such used in a way to liberate oneself from the dependence upon any mechanism of truth which did not coincide with that blended alchemy of intuition, actual personal experience, and an openness of both heart and mind. In other words, real power and real freedom depend upon embracing the love of truth and knowledge and exercising the courage to exercise them in and for your own life.

Now, many years and many channels later, I stand as one who views this tome as having reached a crescendo in its current form. Potent, informative, and liberating as it was and is, the material itself languishes and stagnates due to the fatigue or repetition and often erudite exploration of the topics. Meaning, that while the material stands as valid and illuminating, its applicability and perhaps one might say “sexiness” has diminished. In the modern era, strict identification with the Overleaves and Soul Age concepts, or the descriptors related to relationships, the maturation process (Internal Monads) and a discussion of the inner aspects of the psyche (Sub-personalities), remain detached and static rather than assisting in the dynamic interpretation and formulation of useful strategies for our modern global social challenges. In my opinion, if we Old Souls are going to assist our fellow beings through the current crisis (and it is on many levels), then the task to disseminate this information in new forms showing its significance is in our hands.

The Mature Soul Paradigm and the NOW AGE! 

The New Age is dead. Long live the Now Age: the present! Certainly not a revelation to anyone who has grown up since the 60’s and found that much of what some of us aspired to has been mashed into the pulp of disillusion or atrophied by by banal repetition. Most Michael Students are Mature and Old Soul Baby Boomers whose time of dominance in the arena of public affairs and social involvement is beginning to wane. In a the present era, Gen X and Gen Y rise to political, economic and social prominence. Thus, it is up to us to revitalize this material, and if you will pardon the marketing parlance “repackage” it in a way to again be of beneficial influence in a time where, confusion, distortion, uncertainty and desperation are on the rise. Notwithstanding the vast degree of manipulation by media shaping people to be passive consumers instead of active citizens.

It is our generation that has allowed this to happen and many an Old Soul in the name of “manifesting my prosperity” have sold out to Young Soul materialism and forgotten about spiritual values in all but lip service. Reality is not “having to go to work to pay the bills”, it is deciding to make your work a satisfying pleasure to yourself and a gift of service to the world. Many have forgotten about contribution to anything but their 401K’s, while some others contribute so ineffectively because of their fear of involvement. For the most part, I am of this second group. But I put forth this product and invite any and all to become a part of making Applied Michael™.

New Course Applied Michael™ Coming in 2017

Soul-Ciology™ is a new 20 week course covering topics of Applied Michael™ beginning March 15th, 2017. Check out the curriculum.

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