7 Trues of Self


The Seven (7) True Pillars of Whole Self

In the Michael Teaching, the 7 Trues are specific activities the Essence/Soul designed within its blueprint to assist the Personality in achieving its highest possible experiences in a lifetime. The Trues are chosen by the Essence based on its past lives or current childhood imprinting. Trues can be selected to help the Personality accomplish a task or learn something new.

Activating the Trues allows the Personality to feel healed, relaxed, balanced, and energized.  Their activation also allow the Essence to express clearly through the Personality without interference of Ego. When most of the Trues are realized and implemented, the person will possess increased vitality for life, and perhaps radiate with greater vibrational harmony in their life and relationships.

Some of your Trues may look like hobbies or regular activities you find interesting. Yes, many of the Trues are hobbies. Though culturally we classify hobbies as nice things to do after you have gotten your job done.  But, in fact, the 7 Trues are equally, if not more important to your well being because they provide deeper levels of satisfaction and healing for the life of a Personality.

Important: If you are doing your Life Purpose but not your Trues, you will feel deficient, out of balance, or depleted by life.  Conversely, if you are activating your Trues but not living your Life Purpose, you are more likely to feel wholeness but dissatisfied with or by the direction your life is taking. A sense of fulfillment is likely to feel fleeting or incomplete. The 7 Truths are qualities and activities most certainly familiar to the Essence in a historic sense. So often tapping into past life (or early life scenarios from childhood) can display for you the things once expressed without hesitation. In some cases, you are called to “stretch” yourself with a True that will assist you in accomplishing something your Essence finds desirable for you to learn.. Yet overall, these are supplied to the Instinctive-Past Life memory center of the first chakra for individuals to have ways of nourishing themselves.

True Work

True Work is the vocation or avocation that takes advantage of your greatest skills. It does not mean that every time one uses their best work talents that they enjoy the process. Some even resist their true work and wish that their True Service or True Study could be substituted for it. In a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Steward’s character George, steeped in Martyrdom, believes that his True Study – travel, was his real destiny. In the end, it was a spirit guide, Clarence that helped to show George the impact of his work on others. Georges Life Task, as one can extrapolate from the movie, was to protect the people of his small town and demonstrate the love and fairness can be more powerful than greed. True work often inspires a sense of nobles oblige (noble obligation.)

Ex: My true work is assisting other people clarify their communications and to assist them in understanding the communications of others.

Ex: My true work is to create images and presence for person’s business concern as to reveal the side of themselves they wish to market.

True Service

True Service is a gift from your Essence given to the world in service to the One. When one of us is supported, the One is also supported.  When given, it often produces feelings of deep satisfaction and inner peace. Whenever we do our True Service, it raises our vibration. While it can evoke a sense of gratitude from those receiving the gift, when genuinely given from Essence, no Ego is involved. In other words, there is no attachment to the giving. True Service will raise your energy up the Vitality Tone Scale.

When giving Service it produces a feeling of true satisfaction and nobility. And by its doing, provides others with a feeling of compassion and from those served a sense of gratitude The Vitality Tone Scale would show that this state is a consolation and helps our vibration rise. It is as if though your own well being depends upon the well being of another.

Ex. My true service is to provide a compassionate space for people to talk about their deep feelings.

Ex. My true service is to avail myself to a greater need than my own when the situation calls for assistance.

True Love

Designed to manifest hope and connectedness for a person, and give one the experience of unconditional love. The ultimate purpose is to keep the Essence and Personality attuned to Universal Love or Love of God.  True Love is a feeling of love, connection and wholeness that nothing else can provide.When true love is found, (which occurs after the Infatuation Phase) then a soul can experience rootedness and trust with that person.  While most people would consider their True Love a person, it is indeed possible for it to be a muse. For Mozart, True Love was his music.  Though his lust was renown, sex was his True Play. True love is a feeling of wholeness that nothing else can deliver. It inspires one to trust and the want to form bonds of cooperation. Ultimately, True Love is meant to remind our Personalities that WE ARE THE LOVE.

Ex: My true love is a person who reflects and inspires in me the expression of the best and most enjoyable of all my qualities.

True Rest

are those activities which allow you to rejuvenate spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is how the Essence builds energy or chi to pursue its goals. This is not necessarily sleeping or lying around, although it may have those elements. True Rest is generally low-key activities that are relaxing and internalized. Reading, watercolor painting, sewing, strumming a guitar or playing pool are examples of True Rest.  You can tell when you are doing a True Rest because little energy is expended; yet you will feel energized. The activities cause one to be quiet, meditative, and inward focusing. Focused and repetitive contemplation or meditation in which one follows thought, with no effort or need to do anything about it, is also a form of rest. True Rest allows one to experience being in the now.

Ex: My true rest is reading science fiction that has a universal applicability to our contemporary human condition.

True Study

True Study is the chosen field of examination the Essence chooses for a particular life. The chosen study is meant to create a bridge between our Personality and a higher meaning in life. Taking photographs, learning about plants, building race cars,  reading historical novels, cooking, finding a medical cure are just a few of the forms True Study can make. Your True Study will create a constant background interest in a broad subject or activity. You will have passion and high interest about delving into your given topic.

Ex: My true study is the discovery, discernment, and conveyance of words and their most fundamental meanings.

Ex: My true study is the discussion, and contemplation of philosophical and strategic ideas, concepts, and principles for the possible use and teaching in my life.

Ex: My true study is how energy of the universe flows or gets blocked in the physical world, and what impact that has on people, animals and the earth. So I study feng shui, astrology and geomancy.

True Home

True Home is where you feel the most anchored and at peace on the physical plane. It is where your first chakra, or instinctive center, grounds down to feel stable. This does not have to be an actual home with an address.   True Home is about geography rather than a specific location. For some it is a redwood forest, for others it is being on a surfboard, while some feel at home in their vehicles. While your personal home or apartment is a sanctuary to let your guard down and feel comfortable, the True Home goes beyond that and allows you to feel safe, supported and energized by the location. By filling your house with qualities of your True Home – furniture, art, plants – you can bring that energy into your everyday life. Living at or near your True Home is energizing and stabilizing.

Ex: “My true home is a place where all my creature comforts are met and I can look out from my window or porch and see the best of Nature and of human culture. “

Ex: My true home is in the tropics.

Ex: “My true home is one where there is year round light and is in a warm climate.

True Play

True Play supports not only the physical body’s need to move and be energized, it also allows the release of built up energy of everyday life. It is an important outlet for outflow not only for the body, but also emotionally and mentally. Physical passion or aggression in an activity allows this release, giving one a satisfied feeling from the exertion. Think of how you feel when you challenge yourself beyond your normal physical boundaries? For some True Play can push them to the threshold of life and death. Generally it is not that extreme, however, True Play can provide a rush of adrenaline. Sports and dancing are examples of True Play.

Ex: “My True Play is bringing humor to every situation and portray the cosmic comedy in all life circumstances as I (and my inner characters) envision them.

Ex: My True Play is performing comedy.

True Creativity

True Creativity is a subset of True Play and is equally important. Every Essence has a deep need to create. The word create does not simply mean to build, invent or make something, but rather to uniquely express an inner awareness in a way that makes sense to you. True Creativity inspires us because it is Essence directed; it comes from spirit. What is your creative outlet? Creating is fun!

We believe is equally as important to understand. It is the idea that in true play, there is also. Invention may have as its mother, necessity, but its father is curiosity. In play, we often allow our own elements to form in ways that appear chaotic or spontaneous. What one is witnessing is the process of creation right in front of your eyes. So what is your creative outlet? The word creativity does not simply mean, build, invent, or make, but rather to uniquely express some inner pattern outwardly in a way the makes sense to you. The pattern can be an attracting or facilitating circumstance as to create a desired outcome or consequence. In all the above examples, these are inspired with us to experience the satisfaction and beauty of our own Soloverse made manifest.

Ex: My True Creativity is to capture an expression of a character attribute that I observe, in a photograph.

Questions to Ask in Pursuit of Trues

1) What is the thing you find the least used: your body (sensations), your emotions (how you perceive something as like or dislike) or your intellect (to stop and think about the qualities of something or someone that makes you attracted or repelled by it?)

2) What would you like to change about the world for the better?

3) What are the kind of issues in the society that make you angry?

4) What items in the news most make you indignant?

5) What would you love to do or accomplish before you die?

6) What would you do if you could not fail?

7) What would you do if you would not be limited by money?

8) What were the activities or tasks you were doing when you felt most empowered? Think about the jobs you have had, voluntary work, school and so on.

9)What were you doing when you felt the happiest, most productive and eager to do what you were doing?

10) What are the things you currently enjoy doing?

a. Sports, hobbies, activities, music, dancing, cooking, events, daily tasks like reading, walking the dog, making time with kids or spouse, etc.?

11) What would you like to hear at your funeral? –

  1. a. Imagine people talking in the audience. What kind of attributes would they be saying about you? Do you like these things?
  2. b. What things are you hearing them say that you greatly dislike but know it is true about you?

12) What would you most like to be acknowledged for so far in your life? What are the accomplishments you are proud of? Small or big, what are you proud of yourself?

13) If you had only one wish, what would it be? (This one should be for yourself.)

14) Do you take responsibility for what is happening to you? Look at the kind of person you are and where you are with your life right now. Do you believe it is you who is the reason for the way things are? Can you create your own future?

15)  With whom would you like to surround myself? What are the kind of people you would like to be surrounded with in terms of lifestyle, occupation, wealth, interests?

16) In what you call a good day, what kinds of things happen in it?

17) In what you call a bad day, what kinds of things happen in it?

18) What one belief about yourself would make you like yourself more?

19) What one belief that you currently hold about yourself would be great for you let go of?

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