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Michael has announced something game changing!


Michael has evolved to the Mental Plane. Welcome: Michael's Consortium

Listen to the Podcast Introducing Michael’s Consortium

Like all of us, Michael too evolves. And like all of us, a portion of their Essence (a collective Entity of 1,050 souls on the Causal Plane) has shifted its focus and consciousness to the Mental Plane. Advancing to this level, I have been told the morphing of consciousness with their Cadre, which has in turn resulted in them referring to themselves as the Consortium.

In 2010, you will be receiving Michael in this expanded form but with a difference. Rather than Q & A sessions a whole host of energy balancing and transdimentional trance work will be incorporated as part of our session together.

If you want to know more Michael’s evolutionary advancement, click here and listen to the Podcast entitled: “Introduction to  the Consortium.”

A message from The Consortium: Michael’s Expanded existence on the Mental Plane

We are the Consortium. Our voice is the larger amalgamation of Entities into one Cadre. The focus or our awareness resides on the Mental Plane of existence. Recombined with other fragments with a greater accumulation knowledge that extends beyond our postulates of Overleaves, Soul Ages, and Cosmology of the Spiritual Universe, we will continue to embark on a path of teaching and restoration of your innate sense of truth. This process will entail the stimulation of all aspects of your apparatus: mind, body, emotions, spiritual intuition, and acceptance of and expansion within all aspects of the physical plane.

The Consortium - Michael Emanation on the Causal Plane

“Our emanation at the Causal Plane remains as an outpost of continuous energy for interactive Animated Intelligence. Ascending to the Mental Plane focus does not contravene current information from our channels. Reception of our Casual wavelength will be indefinite until the transition of our focal point at this emanation of our consciousness. We, as every soul in the evolutionary cycle traversing the TAO “move” and shift “location” as each of you do when you return to the Astral Plane between lives; where you then take up “residence” for the period of reconciliation and integration that begins your journey in non-material existence. To allay fear of controversy within the body of our students and channels, understand that those attuned to the frequency of our emanation, have and will continue to receive answers to their queries. Like an interactive database of historic information, students may continue to resonate with our teachings. These connections shall not change though the perception of it will.”

“As before, we do not grant exclusivity to any channel . Discerning truth requires the most rigorous of self-honesty and that stricture of our teaching stands eternal as the central premise upon which we offer our perspective of the universe. Knowledge is more important than belief, and the truth in knowledge can and should only be a product of self-validation. Consistent with this precept and refining the statement that “belief is not required” we remind you that religious devotion is always discouraged.” Listen if you chose; discern if you do, test your assumptions and our information. You are the power, we are the servant. Yet, what we provide, we assert because it is what we see, we understand. You decide its applicability to you.”

The truth of the Universe is still the same. It is Love! Agape is the single unifying factor that binds all planes, all existence and all awareness together. Yet, fear, the greatest illusion of the Physical Plane, is the task that one must put into perspective. And to that end, to help you understand the myriad of fears and how to dispel them, we offer our services.”

Michael informed me of their transition back in 1999, saying that their shift would be complete by about 2005. Their Causal database would remain accessible to any and all channels wishing to access it. They referred to leaving these open ports as Animated Intelligence. To receive this information when no one else did was, to say the least, disconcerting and even frightening. It forced me to stare two issues right in the face: 1) the fact that much of my personal faith was shaken wondering if I really did channel “correctly”;  2) because I had devoted my career to this Entity and made it an important source of my income, was I being laid off? (Michael doesn’t pay into the unemployment insurance system, even though as a self-employed person, I had a policy.) Nonetheless, “relocation of business” was not a sufficient reason for me to claim any assistance.

By 2005, I didn’t care! The Michael Teaching was independent now of the Entity itself and in the hands of the students of the material. The way Michael ALWAYS intended it! To make the intellectual leap between

Arguing about accuracy is a fool’s game and reveals a dangerous flaw of intellect that many “heart centered” New Age spiritualists fall prey too. Just which aspect of channeling is one referring to when considering the statistic inferred by the term accuracy? Predictive or prophetic declarations are those which can, eventually of course, be verified as having occurred or not. Then there is historic sampling of events that have occurred in a person’s past that the Channel-Entity can and does pick-up upon and report. Reviews of this kind may simply be compared against the recall of the client or upon questioning of others that were involved. Again, fairly straight forward to validate. But, however, the most significant service that Michael renders is not of fortune telling, it is about useful consultation with an individual to gain liberation of MAYA. By gaining wisdom about their Essence, Personality. Overleaves, Soul Ages, and the other descriptive qualities of this system may lend revelation, clarity, understanding, insight, or  forgiveness that may vault a person forward into empowerment. A person’s character is the real strength of a Michael Channel and the Michael Teaching. “Dependency,” as Michael reminds both my clients and me personally,  “does not help you grow.” Reliance upon a channel or therapist or coach or psychic for your answers is a trap and an indulgence of Chief Feature. It maintains powerlessness. Michael is here to empower, not enable.

Preachy as it may sound, I want to be very clear of my offering to those of you reading this information. My interest and my agreement with Michael and the Consortium is to help us humans be more humane! There are many other fine teachers, leaders, mentors, and role models of how to be either spiritually enlightened or materially abundant. So, it this turns you OFF, then I am not the right person to be coming too. But, if you understand and resonate with this perspective, you can be assured that you are being called to realize that compassion and love start within and as it happens must be shared. Unconditional Love (Agape), means when you choose to give your energy, you give it without restriction, condition, or agenda. If human begins could live from this awareness a mere 10% more of their lives, or hold in consciousness the same 10% more of their mental time, the shift in relationships at all levels of human interaction would be astounding! For the better! The would be no lack, hoarding, shortage, or selling, but because sharing creates a state justice and balanced, conflict based upon fear will decline.

This is the Truth of Michael’s Consortium that is to be shared and taught. I invite all previous Michael Students and Channels to evaluate for themselves the wisdom and probability that our favorite Entity has shifted itself. In a dynamic universe, how else could it work? Realize that nothing about the Causal emanations are any less true or pertinent this expansion is an additive state, not a reductive one.

Anyone, as before, may tap into Michael’s new emanation. They are open, are you?

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