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Polarity and Scope in The Michael Teaching - Exalted, Ordinal, Neutral


In the Michael Teaching, the ideas of Exalted, Ordinal or Neutral carry with them a commentary about one’s innate proclivity to think about things generally, specifically, or be as an integrated whole. The Scope of any question refers to a measure of coverage or the size of a container or the breadth of a point of view. It represents the degrees to which an idea is inclusive and broad or exclusive and restricted. Scope may be thought of as containers of various sizes. A container is either large holding many things all at once mixed together or in a honeycomb of chambers. Or a small, unique and individual package or skin suited just for one thing. And of course, all sizes in between. Exalted Overleaves are those containers with wide breadth of coverage and tend toward the conceptual formation of a system as a whole rather than its parts. Ordinal Overleaves concentrate their range onto the tangible parts, or the immediate and doable in aspects of a problem or design.





Scale Macro Micro Assimilative
Interest Group Individual System
Dimension Vertical Horizontal Depth
Purview General Specific Suspension
Reception Analog Digital Nonaligned
State of Being Expanded Contracted Inert
Appearance Reflective Opaque Transparent
Concern Conceptual Tangible Void
Focus Broad Narrow Instance
Creation Plan Build Utilize
Mathematics Positive-Additive Negative- Substractive Equivalence
Analysis Thesis Antithesis Synthesis

Exalted (Read the Exalted Card)

Exalted as defined in the Michael TeachingIn the Exalted (large and broad) extreme, you have the Infinite-Macrocosmic panoramic vista seeking pattern and synthesis on a grand scale. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, for example, is so broad in scope that we can use in a myriad of science disciplines but also employ with equal power metaphorically to principles in virtually every aspect of human understanding. For the Entity Michael, this would be an example of a theory that is Cardinal in its impact, applicability, usefulness, and Exalted in its expansiveness in effect.

Ordinal (Read the Ordinal Card)

Ordinal as defined in the MIchael TeachingAt the other sided of the scale the Ordinal (the small and specific), you have the Infinitesimal-Microcosmic examination, scrutinizing the most miniscule of elements. In contrast to the expansive, a refined, narrow, or precise focal point excludes all other elements or distractions and makes the point of view so microscopic as to discern the tiniest refinements in even the smallest detail. Quantum Physics might be considered Ordinal in focus because it delves into the fractional components of the atom itself. A Universe within a microverse.

Both Perspectives are necessary and both produce a useful understanding. Together they form the means by which we can recognize a coherent, interconnected space and then locate within it exact coordinates of placement. The forest and the tree must be understood as a life cycle and a unique entity to compliment the function of the one and meaning of system as a whole. It understanding the unique parts of sea water our comprehension of the workings of the whole of the oceanic system of our planet comes into play.


Neutral and BalanceBut the whole itself is both. Beingness as can be said of any whole, integrated thing is more that the sum of its parts. Totality of anything is the acceptance of its existence with complete Neutrality. Recognizing ones part in a greater whole does not infer ignorance nor indifference but complete Assimilation and sense of oneness. Within the Michael Teaching, it is the state of Neutrality that brings about Inculcation, complete and total integration of an experience at all of the Centers, to bring about an assimilation of that material into the fabric of the Personality and Essence. And from their, ones consciousness through the mechanism of Soul Age advancement, is ratcheted upward to a new level of the spiral of spiritual evolution.

The Neutral quality in Overleaves reflects the integrated mechanism which by all reckoning of existence spring forth: the Yin-Yang of the TAO. Both and together are truly indivisible yet may be seen uniquely in effect they present. Neither the speculations of YANG science nor the intuitive poieses[1] of YIN religion has preceded us or will outlast us. We have cataloged and categorized Nature’s functions with our Ordinal senses, but still cannot capture the Exalted magnificence of an interrelated biosphere in which we all exist and participate. And yet while we are swept up at the very least by the awe inspiring and wondrous indivisibly of it all, it evokes a simpler quality, personal and unique to each; beauty.

Together these three: seeming polar opposites orbiting a central unity, cast from their interplay – existence, purpose, and as such, meaning. Thus when you consider the augmentation of Exalted, Ordinal, and Neutral as a metaphor for the structure of all existence; you will gain further footing for comprehend the structure of trinities in every aspect of understanding. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; proton, electron, neutron; time, space, eternity; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; proteins, fats., carbohydrates; solid, liquid, gas; past, present, future; energy, matter, light; masculine, feminine, hermaphrodite, and finally should be, could be, and is. And what IS, is TAO in the present: an eternal moment.

All people possess each quality through the lenses of their combined Overleaves. Far sighted, near sighted, distortions or refinement are all measures of degree and the interplay of the forces of one’s Overleaves and the poles they occupy at a given moment. One only analyze the Overleaves in total to see all three force playing upon ones vision to note the range of sight (foresight, insight, or hindsight) one might natively possess. If you can assess and then comprehend the “distance” of your vision, sharpen it within your positive poles, understand its full range from the neutral perspective of that Overleaf and then recognize distortions in the negative poles you will be well on your way to clearly viewing your unique world and focusing your efforts in a meaningful way in concert with the person you are at Essence.

[1] The Greek “to make”. But the word has philosophical implications to the mind as being an imposer of form, and shape and through vision and creation itself. The word is the root for poetry. One’s life is a poem, epic, commonplace, tragic, comedic or aesthetic. It is spoken in the narrative of the mind, but written in one’s deeds.

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by Stephen Cocconi © 2011

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