Soul-Ciology and Applied Teaching™


Soul-Ciology™ means applying the Michael Teaching to the real issues of today.

After 30 years of channeling Michael, and of foremost significance to me, a student of the Michael Teaching; my attention turns toward using this information as an interpretive model and narrative. The decades have pressed my awareness toward the issues that confront us as “Spiritual Beings, on a Human Path.” We are Citizens of Earth and responsible for the care and well being of ourselves and the planet of which we are part.  Michael itself has given me permission and encouragement to revitalize this teaching with emphasis on real world issues of the Physical Plane, and leave concerns about the afterlife or between life or ethereal life for that matter, secondary to living in the here and now! The courses and presentations offered by me will originate from this platform and are aimed at devising a forum for group discussion and utilizing these concepts for understanding social problems and creating solutions from them.

Sociology (Soul-ciology™) the studies of groups and human collectives, is somewhat of a departure from traditional use of the Michael Teachings, notwithstanding the commentaries on the process of Soul Age. Some will note with due recognition that channeled material is often given in individual instances for a person’s psychological evaluation, rather than speaking to a trend in societies or the composition of those societies and their sub-groups. With the growing anger amongst some of these factions and the retrenchment into fear-based reactionary patterns reemerging in many divergent cultures, it is time to begin naming these, disempowering their hold on the collective psyche of our race; and to that end, aid in the process of dispelling the cunning and incendiary elements which promote and foment the physical planes number #1 nemesis to peace: fear! By itself, fear is not the enemy; it is our fear of fear that is. It spawns the denial, avoidance, placating, compliance, repression, and aggression attitudes upon which the diminishment of the most delicate aspects of our humanity and the most vulnerable members of the family of living things, occur.

Peace is not the absence of disagreement, even when it is vehement! It is the respect of diversity and the willingness to forge even stronger solutions from it. This is the wisdom embedded in the goal of peace, not inactivity, not stagnation, nor acquiescence to intimidation. Whereby all those who have opinion, and more to the point, the energy to assert and evolve those opinions, must take a stand and experience the power of their Essence being offered to the world, on whatever microcosmic or macrocosmic scale one is called to participate.

But fear breeds contempt of other view points, intolerance for those who hold them and a dehumanization of others. When an epithet of terrorist, or progressive, or loyalist, or traitor, or sinner, or any label which is used to demonize or persecute a perspective is drenched in anger it can quickly putrefy and transform into hated. Hate based in fear is the disease of the present human race, those actively in it and those at affect of it. The time has come to discharge it through honest, emotional catharsis without using violence or trickery, or hyperbole to defend the anger. Using the Michael Teaching as a point of identification and naming the pockets of emotion which fund any of your beliefs, strategies, thoughts, and philosophies is an essential self-honesty for lubricating the gears of your own thinking and acting.  Fundamental to understanding this potential watershed is the realization that a human animal, when at the effect of fear, uses the primary strategy of rationalization. Both to make itself right and thus enforce a tenuous sense of security within the psyche. Retreat from self-knowledge because of the fear of unknowns one might encounter is at the forefront of our underlying tendency to contract ourselves into positions and philosophical dogmas. We, by default of self-preservation, look for the familiar and thus enforce the “us vs. them” mentality, which may justify our emotional states, rather than challenge the roots of our fears which underlie them. So prevalent and ubiquitous are these factors in the formulation of modern consciousness (or unconsciousness) that Michael and I both have come to regard the world by this statement: individual opinions may differ, but the motivation is the same: fear of not being safe in this world!

It is time to address the fear, return the discussion to a truthful assessment of potential realities instead of the constant arguing of possibilities based on speculative interests. Or more prevalent today, verbal (and too often actual) combat which substitutes for discourse. Interactions which more often than not, further divide people and groups into fractious or militaristic attackers where the goal is victory of ones position and the defeat or destruction of the perceived enemy. As if, such carnage to life or livelihood actually results in peace. It does not. If history has shown us one thing, the Iron Rule – “Do unto other before they do it to you”,  sows the seeds of eventual retribution. Michael has called this the inevitable wheel of fortune and the cycle of Karma. The cycle continues today, perhaps in more sophisticated forms, but the emoto-sphere is burgeoning with the fear of a majority of souls who now live on the planet. To bring peace we must become ardent adherents to truth, relentless pursuers of resolution (not merely compromise or compliance) and abandoned any and all strict divisive ideologies which seek vilification of “non-believers” and become defenders of human rights…on this plane of existence!

The Michael Teaching, is now, and in my opinion always has been, more than just another treatise for philosophical pandering eliminating fear with the substitution of one belief for another, or by admonition of some superior source. While it can serve as a salve to heal wounds or issues peculiar to a particular person, it was never intended as a bastion for making excuses. And as one of Michael’s own messages, widely quoted but often misunderstood: that this teaching is not a belief system! Well, updates have happened folks. As Michael has learned more English, they have come to realize that any (including this one) set of interrelated concepts and constructs used for problem solving or theorizing IS A BELIEF SYSTEM! What Michael meant, and sadly was lost in the word choice was this: THE Michael Teaching IS NOT intended as a Religion! It is not to be adhered to, worshipped, idolized, defended, prophesized nor your own truth subordinated to it. Nope! It was intended to provide a perspective and terminology to assist folks in expanding their own potential and thus encouraging persons to own there power as the unique expression of TAO (Michael’s term for the creative force of the Universe). You are the only you, that you get this lifetime! Might as well “be all that you can be.” The only way to do that is to come to peace with, not excuse, defend, justify, or explain away, your pains and limitations. Find love and compassion for them and come to appreciate them as part of the ingredient mix of the unique idiosyncratic expression of creation that you (and everyone else for that matter) are intended to be. Love is not ridiculous, weak or effeminate; it is courageous and transforming!

Love is what this teaching is all about! How to manifest in a more productive and meaningful way the Christian adage; Love thy neighbor, as thyself! If you can find love for, and of, the being you are, and then you are a love vessel which is radiated out into the world. But to achieve this is a practice of all the centers: Emotional, Intellectual, Kenestetic and Instinctive. The cosmology, concepts, Overleaf Building Block Characteristics and the process of Soul Age evolution is a widely comprehensive system of thoughts and practices which provide a meta-explanation far more encompassing than any other belief system I have yet encountered: religious, philosophical or scientific, for embracing Love as your ground of being. How? Michael paints an inclusive and interconnected universe and from these ideas offers a synergistic and explanatory narrative which liberates us from fear with understanding; not blind acquiescence. But like all useful theoretical structures, it can postulate real potential possibilities and by applying the concepts proactively, can render solutions to those challenges. Nothing is intractable! If we, as many scientific and religious determinists’ assert, unable to alter the course of our fate, then we are merely automatons and slaves to mechanistic processes which render life a nihilistic banality. Michael’s Teaching utterly disagrees with that philosophical premise. They acknowledge that some fix factors are put into the mix of ones existence housed in a body, but never dismiss the human right of free choice or the power of free will. Will, which is in Essence, resides that individual spark of creative source. TAO-Universe-God, (or TUG, as I call it) may be THE creative force in the universe, but you are the creative spark or your Soloverse.

It is to your Soloverse that I issue this invitation to partake in ideas for liberating stuck emotions, grounding in love,  and thus reignite enthusiasm to empower yourself for full employment in the larger interactive Universe.

It is with great pleasure and at the direction of Michael’s Consortium (Michael on the Mental Plane) that I reintroduce: The Applied Michael Teaching: for Citizens of Earth, living the spiritual journey in human form! Onward from now on!

Feel free to contact me for a how to participate in a group discussion or have an interactive dialogue with Michael’s newest incarnation as the Consortium.

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