Jun 132013

Personalize and Energize your own Michael Cards DeckImbue your Cards with your unique energy imprint!

These cards are now your personal vehicle to connect with Michael’s energy!  Upon opening your deck, honor the moment by holding the cards in your hands and recite this request:

“Michael, I invite you to connect with my Essence through these cards. I grant you permission to provide me your perceptions and directions, whenever I consult them. When I share my cards with someone else, please extend those same gifts to them for all of our highest good. So be it, so it is.”


Anytime you make a declaration of ownership, you claim your right for higher havingness. You now have the power with your own Michael Motivation Cards™ to expand your access to knowledge.

“By writing my name below, I declare these cards my personal possession and access to greater understanding.”

These cards belong to: __________________________________

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