Apr 192016

Learn to Use Michael Motivation Cards™

A Tool for Self-Awareness to Awaken the Humane Being!

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What’s it About?

read-sarah-wondaWords, symbols, and images trigger us each in unique ways.

The Michael Motivation Cards™ help you to “get gotten” on the motivations lurking behind the scenes using this visual and tactile bridge. The Cards’ terms and images are contemporary avoiding the cryptic language or symbolism of other decks. In addition to descriptive statements in the Pocket Guide, the Cards function like a Rorschach and free word association tool. Both will elicit information from your own intuition and open access to other dimensions for enhanced comprehension.

In this 1-day hands-on Playshop:
 You will learn the various layers of feedback present in the Cards. Then you’ll read for yourself and classmates. Enjoy this novel way to apply the Michael Teachings terminology for real life with Michael Motivation Cards™. Join us and discover this wonderful feedback technology!


Presented by the Cards author, Stephen J. Cocconi.

San Francisco, CA:
Saturday January 28th, 1 pm – 5 pm



San Francisco: Hosted by Milena Fiore– 28 Seal Rock Dr. CA 94121 –
For details, Call her at 415-264-4000


What (Materials):
  • Must have or buy a deck.
  • Bring a lunch if you wish.
  • Pen and paper for note takers.
  • Recording OK for personal use.

(How Much) Price: $40, $45 or $55

  • $50 for those with their own deck.
  • $55 some may need the new expanded 2nd Ed. Pocket Guide, sold alone for $5.
  • $65 – Purchasers of a new deck – 2nd Ed included,- Save $12.50!

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(Same day registration add $5)


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