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“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” by William Blake from Jerusalem, Plate 10

If you are reading this, you are either thinking about getting a Channeled reading, or wondering what kind of person does this for a living; or simply, “who the hell is this guy?”. These are fair questions and thank goodness you have the sense to ask.

My services synopsis are listed below and linked to more comprehensive descriptions. But before you read further, remember these following criteria when considering the use or evaluating the information of and professional Michael Channel or Psychic. The bottom line is that these questions are those that your “gut instincts” are evaluating against anyway, but perhaps they have not been articulated. Bringing these qualities to the forefront will assist you in determining if I am the right fit for you.

Considerations about a Channel or Psychic

  1. Were the Overleaves, Soul Age, and other various MT attributes given to you feel internally valid?
  2. Is the provider’s use of language and articulation of the answer something that you can comprehend in your own understanding? (i.e. only uses jargon when necessary and then explains its use.)
  3. Did you detect genuine compassion and appropriate neutrality from the provider? Or was he/she emotionally absent, entangled, or projecting? (Since both could be true in degrees, use a ratio: 90/10 or 50/50 or 30/70, etc.)
  4. Did you experience the event as validating and uplifting? Or did it, or they, feel  intimidating or demeaning in any way? (Again a ratio is probably most useful here.)
  5. Are there facts or wisdom recognizable by you in the providers information?
  6. Do whatever predictive assertions they make come to pass? (after the session obviously or if possible ask other clients.)
  7. Did the provider see or reference verifiable events that happened in this life to you or someone you know?
  8. Did the provider seem interested in enrolling or reselling you into services he/she directly sells or benefits? If so, was it contextual and appropriate to what you asked for?
  9. Was your personal opinion ever forcefully admonished or invalidated by the provider and said that what they believed or offered was “the truth”?
  10. In the case of Michael Channels, in addition to an agreement with Michael, did you sense any agreement between the Channel and you as well? If so, what kind of facilitation or exchange do you perceive it might be?

Channeling Services

As I see it, my job is three-fold: adviser, confidant, interpreter and disseminator. Nothing more nothing less. This may not seem very glamorous, but there it is. Ultimately, folks, you are hiring Stephen Cocconi , who works with Michael’s energy. That is all! Since Michael comes through the filter of a human personality, it is useful to see if the filter is clear. By clear, I mean accountable, unhampered by unconscious or shadow influences, and whose emotions are transparent. At the same time, one must know his/her craft, without being impeded by its dogma.  For more click here.

Ministerial Services

Getting Married? Want to have a fun, and spiritual ceremony without all of the rigors of a religious service? Perhaps what you desire is to show respect and admiration to someone who has passed? My eulogies are based upon Universalist themes which acknowledge the divinity of life while honoring the beliefs and faith of the family and departed. Baptisms and christenings are one of my favorite ceremonies to perform. From newborns to elders, being consecrated into the family of life is a fashion that is both sacred and celebratory. To find out more, click here.

No Fault Communication Coaching and Seminars

NoFault Communication So what makes me different? Like all of us, I fail occasionally, but my efforts are afterward redoubled. I am a spiritual being on a human path, just like every one else here on Terra Firma. I have never claimed to be “divine” just because I channel. As a matter of fact, my definition of enlightenment entails a continual process of hard work and rigorous self-honestly. Because I use the No-Fault Communication method and work hard to keep track of my “Shadow” side, I feel confident that my ability to be present and to recognize clear boundaries is stable.

Porpoise Hoops Training

Life Porpoise Seminars with Stephen CocconiCoaching is the most intimate and rewarding of services that it is my privilege to perform. Human life has many facets, and indeed there are many skills we need to learn and hoops we will all jump through. But for a person, attempting to implement a life porpoise, then sometimes they need help. Read more about this service.

Regression Healing

The past is with us always. It may be a source of great comfort, a storehouse of wonderful skills and memories, or a place of hidden patterns that shadow us in the present and might even impede progress. To learn more of how to review and clear events and decisions made in some previous time, click here.

For further information Call 209-768-4956
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