Why get a Channeling from Stephen?

Stephen Cocconi - Citizen of Earth

I am very aware of the fact that no matter what I say, you must ultimately make a subjective judgment about whether or not you hire me as an adviser. The decision for some will be called guidance. Some others will call it intuition, perhaps a gut feeling. Others will be recommended by a friend. While those unsure about “asking a psychic” will defer all together and seek approval or vindication from someone else. However you get to me, I want you to know that I will give you my honest best.

Why have a Reading from the Michael Entity?

  • Clear. concise, instruction and answers to your concerns and questions.
  • Because The Michael Teaching is a terminology and philosophy, not a religion!  (There ain’t no priests to report to and nothing to swear allegiance to.)
  • Grounded, real world, applications and perspectives!
  • Real solutions for achieving your worldly goals and spiritual aspirations.
  • Michael treats all people with courtesy, respect, and compassion, while delivering sometimes blunt and unpleasant answers.

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