The Ethics of Stephen Cocconi


The Channeling and Business Ethics of Stephen CocconiNote: The following ethical stance is my own. This information is not meant as a broad declaration or imprimatur of all Michael Channels. I do not intend to know nor define the intentions, viewpoints or ethics of any other channel, psychic, or spiritualist practitioner of any ilk. These thoughts and opinions I alone have authored and do my best to adhere to. Any application of these guidelines to other practitioners is strictly your choice as the consumer.


You are a Spiritual Being, On a Human Path!

Philosophically, the Michael Teaching’s central tenants are not about how to escape physical or Earthly existence, but rather to embrace it, love it, derive understanding and maturity from all experiences, sensations, and relationships while the soul is in a BODY. Pleasure and Pain are the two general categories of motivation that drive the human experience. Within these lie the many nuances of love, joy, hate, fear, enmity, ambition, submission, excitement, greed, superiority, inferiority, willfulness, and many others. From Michael’s perspective, there are many deliberate and useful limitations placed into the game board called life. Yet often, we become burdened and wounded while being involved in our evolutionary process. While certain amounts of pain are inevitable, all suffering is not. The Michael Teaching™ then directs its concepts and treaties to understand and have compassion for the Human experience. For the Michael Entity, you are already and will always be spirit. And soon enough, the corporeal vehicle will die and you will remember it then. So stop worrying about being too spiritual for God and start being more loving and compassionate for yourselves and others. If you are looking for a teaching or teacher to encourage you to “rise above” the body, or be “more spiritual” then this is not the place not the being that you will find that with. However, if you are seeking how to live with joy, compassion, acceptance, and maximum utilization of your human potential, you have come to the right place.

Channeling is participative, and you lead it!

Sessions are begun with your questions of Michael. They connect with your essence with your permission only. Because the content is at best 80% accurate, Michael tells everyone to validate channeled information for themselves. Evaluate everything thoroughly and with rigorous self-honesty. In this way you arrive at your own “personal truth.” Channeled information is Michael’s view of the truth. The more background information provided to Michael, the deeper the question can be probed. Photos of people you want channeling about best allows us to see their energy fields. At any time, you may request that Michael stop responding to a question and move onto another. Michael and I respect that the time is yours. You are in control of what you want answered and how much.

Free from judgment or attachment!

Michael doesn’t have “ego,” and doesn’t need to be right. You might be delighted, shocked or even angered by Michael’s frankness. Use this information whatever way you see fit. Accept it or reject it based upon what feels true for you. They have no intention of causing you pain. Michael encourages you to use your physical and emotional reactions as signposts to understand their sources. Most importantly, Michael and Stephen all stress you frame this experience as education and entertainment.

Think of Michael as a friend, not a Guru!

Michael describes themselves as a collective of evolved human souls now existing on what they call the Causal Plane. Michael has love and compassion for us on the Physical Plane. Michael recognizes that within each person is the power and responsibility to change, yet being human makes that painful sometimes. Michael has been human and offers his total recall of thousands of lifetimes on the Earth for our assistance. Michael is not God, but like all of us, an expression of GOD. They do not view themselves as superior to us. They are merely at a different point in their evolution. They will not interfere with your process or dictate as to what your personal truth should be. Michael says of himself, “we are not infallible.” Stephen channeling Michael is not a mind reader nor fortune teller, but an adviser with a unique point of view.

Works well in conjunction with regular therapy!

Utilizing Michael channeling, in conjunction with regular counseling, can help locate and clear our root issues faster than through processing by itself. The intimate bond of “essence contact” that can be formed between client and Channeler is “good work,” and can provide the necessary support during times of intense transformation. Be aware there is a tendency to “transfer” either positive or negative feelings toward the channel. Channeling is not Psychotherapy! Michael is not a therapist, yet he understands both dependency and denial. Neither help you grow! Nor should seeing a Psychic or Channeler be construed in any way the same as submitting to the directed deep self evaluation process as is done in psychotherapy. Channeling will not produce neither predicted or desired outcomes unless you work for them.

Michael can help you locate and identify some health problems.

Because Michael works at the levels of your subtle bodies (aura), he can offer metaphysical insights as to the “dis-eased” or problem areas of the physical body. A disclaimer is appropriate here. Michael nor Stephen is a medical doctor. No suggestion Michael might make about the cause and cure for a condition of health is, in any way, intended as a remedy or diagnosis or a prescription. Validate the information by checking with the appropriate health practitioner. It is your responsibility!

Differences Among Michael Channels?

Of the 1,050 soul fragments that comprise the Michael Collective, only one or two are present as the representative in a session. Every Michael Channel tends to have affinities with several members of the Michael Entity, and usually different aspects of Michael at that. While a client is connecting with Michael through a specific channeler, he/she is accessing the fragment of the Michael Entity with which that channeler is associated. This means that while much of the information from the group can be similar, the tone, style, and expertise of both the fragment and the Channeler will influence the quality and content of the reading.

Confidentiality and other Privacy Concerns

All client sessions are held in the strictest confidence to Michael and myself. The cassette tape is the only record of our session together it is given to you at the end of the session. and YOU are free to share it with whomever you wish. That is your choice. The client database which include email addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses are neither shared or sold and are the exclusive property of Stephen J. Cocconi Enterprises – The Michael

About Money and Exchange.

Money is the store of value that represents energy to make human exchange work. Spiritual work is still work! It is an energy output and feeds upon energy input. It is specifically the occupation of Stephen Cocconi. I give my all to this pursuit and I would gladly give it away if my bill collectors supported me in doing so. They do not. What you receive in a channeling session are the uncensored and blunt insights Michael gives through me. Some may consider this service priceless, others worthless. At whatever fee we agree upon, and as soon as the services are rendered, the contract is complete and I expect payment! I find this much cleaner and less cumbersome that those who solicit donations instead of fees, or hide their fees under what is called “tithing.” I record all sessions for clients as a courtesy service at no additional charge. You are free to do with it whatever you desire. However, if for some reason, the recording fails you are still obligated to pay for the time I have spent with you. The channeling is the service, not the recording of the channeling session.

What About the Channeler?

Stephen gives “voice” to Michael’s communications, in that way they are a team. Stephens participation or influence in the process of channeling occurs when Michael uses Stephen’s knowledge, terms, or experience for interpreting images, colors, concepts, or symbols, that might appear as a response to a clients question. The context of the response is a blend between Stephen’s databank and Michael sampling it to make sense for the client.  Stephen makes every effort not to steer answers to questions in any direction or content. Because Channeler’s are human the most vital aspect of the experience are the feelings of trust and safety you develop with that person. Implied in your choice to solicit the services of Stephen Cocconi channeling Michael, something about he and you, conscious or unconscious, caused you to engage in this dialogue. He is merely a spiritual counselor offering advise as was requested of him. Whatever biases, belief systems, experiences, knowledge, or vocabulary he brings to the session, it is part of the message that is to be delivered. As always, you have the authority to accept or reject the information as you see fit. This is what is intended by Michael’s credo that you self-validate.

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