Michael Assisted Channeling


Michael Assisted Channeling?

Some of you know the Michael Teachings. For those who don’t let me say that the central premise is related to how and why we as people and spirits evolve. Michael too evolves! Michael themselves have channeled that all things evolve, thus isn’t it completely consistent within their own maxims that after 30 years, they could be moving to the Mental plane?

If Michael were to ascend, what would that mean to all of us who channel?  A few of years ago, I wrote about a migration that the Michael entity conveyed that it would be making, soon. According to the channeling I received, they moved into the Akashic record and onto the Mental Plane in early 2002. So, in effect, Michael is not present directly anymore. Yet, they are present, indirectly. Let me explain and give an analogy.

Michael Preparing his ChannelsEvery Michael Channel has been groomed by the Michael entity to be models for the principles they espouse: Love, Truth, Energy and Integrity. Over the years, all channels have been continually imbued and charged with the energy signature at which Michael emanates. If you have ever seen an object filled with phosphorous, when it is exposed to light, it holds that charge. In the dark, the newly charge phosphorous radiates the light that it gained when charged. I am the object that has been charged. The part of my psyche and energy field that has been shaped by Michael remains. And when I channel, I activate that source within me, such that I have the same vibration, viewpoint, and hold the Michael frame of reference. Therefore, you are getting me accessing that state and using the Michael Teaching terminology. For the folks who have been to a channeling before, the “effect” will be no different. Yet, it is both my desire to be accurate and truthful that makes me want to explain the modifications.

Other channels may disagree with this assessment; I have no need to change their reality. In the case of an abstract set of concepts like these it is a useless exercise to say “I am right and you are wrong.” And really, such a debate would not only portend a some sort of a religious heresy, (Michael views religion as a scourge); but the exercise would childish and pointless. After all, if I am the only one making this acknowledgment, then wouldn’t the change otherwise be limited to me? There, controversy settled!

Like always, it is for you to decide. Self validation is the hallmark of Michael’s Ethics. There still can be, and undoubtedly will be Michael Channels.

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