Hoops Coaching™- Getting your Porpoise to Perform


Hoops Coaching with Stephen Cocconi Not all Life Porpoises ™ came in knowing how to swim, let alone jump. There are new skills and attitudes that must be learned, habits to be undone, and hurdles crossed.

Your Porpoise is exposed to steps and procedures to encourage your Porpoise to explore possible horizons.

In 12, 1-hour weekly private sessions, we will spend time creating and assessing goals for your advancement, dealing with blocks, refining your understanding of your intentions, and reviewing your 7 Trues to see where your Vitality is expanding or waning.

You will be guided to do tasks like: read selected authorities, locate communication channels for you area of interest; make stretches in behavior, and refine your style. Together we empower your Porpoise with passion and power while developing your unique expression of genius.

Each session is $40 per hour for a total of $480. If paid in advance, $450 for 12 weeks. Register and Pay

To begin this process every participant should attend What’s Your Porpoise Seminars Level 1 & Level 2. Or, read the materials for the courses before beginning the Coaching Sessions.

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