“What’s Your Porpoise” Seminars


Life Porpoise Seminars with Stephen CocconiImagine what it would be like to live a life that actually enthused, energized and excited you? Deep down, each of us knows we have a Purpose—a unique reason for being here. Finding the “blueprint” or life design and sacred activities connected to fulfilling your true purpose is crucial to a life that reflects your authentic self. But for some knowing Life Porpoise feels elusive, while living it somehow out of reach. Using a wide array of tools and exercises, we discover and clarify your Life Porpoise and build upon your 7 Trues for nourishing your daily existence. Our methods are grounded with practical and attitude-shifting experiences based in profound metaphysical principles and designed to get you into the flow. Find your pod (of supportive people) and have a more authentic, fulfilling, and joyful life!

Level I – Discover Your Porpoise™

Learn the primary elements of Life Purpose, and the 7 True motivational engines that sustain your ability to perform and grow your Porpoise. Come away with the deeper sense of how to evaluate and take congruent actions.

Level II – The Porpoise Dives Deeper™

Find out where and why your Porpoise is floundering or gasping for breath! We refocus on the clarity and accuracy of your Porpoise statement. We introduce tools to locate and unlock the beliefs and behaviors that might be hindering the implementation of your porpoise in daily life.

Level III – The Porpoise Rises to the Surface™

We begin the process of how to implement your Porpoise so that it swims in the seas of your daily life. And continue to refine your experience the positive effects with others. Focus is on time management and planning.

Level IV – The Porpoise Joins Its Pod™

Porpoises work together and swim in groups. They collaborate because it is good for their individual success and because there is power in numbers. But where is your pod? We analyze what social/enterprise playground best suits your Porpoise.
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