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Michael Channeling and Michael Student Web Sites

I wholeheartedly invite you to investigate other views of the Michael Teaching. Information offers content and contrast. Read widely held views on how this Teaching is understood and applied.

Holly Coleman of Global Wisdom – Has been a collaborator with Stephen for almost 20 years. An accomplished Michael Channel, Holly has taken her talents toward Angels, Earth Spirits and the Faeries Realms.
Holly Coleman - Michael Channel of Global Wisdom
A site of broad coverage about topics in the Michael Teaching is the moderated by Michael Student David Gregg.  
The Michael Student Web Site by Ed Hammerstrom, Kath Neal, and Terri Green. A wonderful forum which gives participants opportunities to open independent discussion groups in a Blog format.
The Michael Educational Foundation with JP Van Hulle.
Truth, Love and Energy Site – Hosted by Troy Tolley. A fun place to hang out and meet many other Michael Students.
Personality and Spirituality hosted by Barry in England. A good writer, his perspective and graphic representations offer some terrific insights into the Michael Teaching and the formation of Personality.  Personality&Spirituality Site by Barry
Shepherd Hoodwin has authored several Michael Books. He can be contacted at Summerjoy Press.
Jose Stevens co-authored The Michael Handbook. He teaches the Power Path along with his wife Lena.
The Seven Personality Types site by Elizabeth Puttick has an online quiz to test the nature of your Role.
Kay Kamala has been a long time Michael Channel.
Emily Baumbach has woven Astrology and the Michael Teaching together for some interesting insights. Her book on Celebrity Overleaves is an revealing look how these traits play out in the lives of well known people.
Terri Benning’s work with mysticism, animal totems and the Michael Teaching bring her own unique spin to this material.
Barbara Taylor is a Management Consultant and long time archivist of the Michael Material.
Victoria Marina-Thompkins has written an important book about Internal Monads; the stages of an individual life.
The Michael Students Gathering Website – Yearly, students from around the United States and the world get together to share laughter, Michael information, insights,

Interest and Human Rights Related Sites

Our involvement in the affairs of our world is the purpose for being on the Physical Plane. Michael has said that their students are to take the information learned and the maturity we’ve gained and become the teachers to help in the shift to a new “Mature Soul” paradigm. To do so, we must act in collaborative means connecting with other people with the intention to bring about meaningful dialogue and change transforming that polarization and paralysis that has resulted from it. Here are some of those organizations:   Put the Labels Aside. Do What’s Best for America. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America.
For a realistic and well documented study of the current state of affairs in the American Economy, look at this article in Mother Jones Online Magazine: It’s
the Inequality Stupid: Plutocracy Now
Democracy Now is a news site with soulful insights and many award winning journalist who actually report news events and analyze it rather than invent it.
Common is a site dedicated to bringing the Progressive view of events to light and discuss the impact of current social, political and economic structures and practices are crippling the majority of people on the planet while wildly enriching and empowering a few in the Plutocracy.
Politifact is a fact checking web site that holds both Democrats and Republicans to accountability by simply researching what they said (say) to what actual is or what they actually did. Reality, what a concept.
Ethnic Cleansing is a euphemism for genocide. Putting an end to genocide is the purpose for Enough!
Support Wikipedia

Wikipedia: A Place Where Knowledge Accumulates!
Fight for the Future – A Web site which asks the questions: why? Why are we doing what we are doing? How are we attempting to achieve it?

Spirituality and Consciousness Related Sites

Sometimes the sacred is best viewed through the portal of the mundane and other times the profane. Yet all that is meant to assist us in our wake-up has and is available. It is just a matter of whether we seize it and use it.

 The problems with Positive Thinking as way of covering reality up.
 Want a terrifically bombastic view of God? Try Mr. Deity! Showing us that religious dogma is what it is always cracked up to be.
Why Evolution is True! – A site created by a former Christian. “I was a fundamentalist,” Ehrman said. “No ‘fun,’ too much ‘damn’ and not enough ‘mental.’”
TED is a website that opens the mind, frees the heart and connects people to some of the worlds most cutting edge and progressive thinkers.

Please, feel free to suggest a site.

But if your site if found to be openly hateful or needlessly hostile to the truth or a specific segment of the population, your submission will be discarded. If the site you submit has merely controversial, but honestly divergent views, well healed with facts and legitimate argument, they will be posted on this site.

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