Regression Healing and Energy Recapture


“If you want to clear blocks preventing you from achieving a result; this is the work for you!” Michael

If you follow the juice, you’ll put the issue to rest!

Stairway to infinite regress. Finding the past to be free in the future.

Are you wanting to achieve resolution?

  • Reclaim memories of your purpose, your direction, your intention for being alive.
  • Resolve an impasse within yourself or with someone else.
  • Clear away energetic or behavioral blocks that have cause you to lose focus on your goals.
  • Heal and release unfinished griefs, resentments, angers, and longings that have kept you from loving fully.
  • Remove the source cause of a limiting habit or phobia.
  • Install new habits and attitudes which can strengthen change.
  • Locate sources of strength and talents not as yet realized.
  • Learn why a significant relationship has residual pull or revulsion.

What is Regression Healing and How does it work?

Regression Healing is a form of hypnotic regression designed to follow threads left by emotional intensity. I employ phrasing and directive methods from the NoFault Communication approach.  It is a safe way to take one back to precise times or places: this life, childhood, pre-birth, past life, pre-incarnation to casting, and sometimes into previous cycles. On occasion, I’ve witnessed person’s going into parallel realities and future lives as well. In any case, starting from the goal or issue you have chosen to investigate, we seek to locate a root decision, agreement, trauma, commitment, anchor, bond, or unresolved karmic ribbon where that charge originated and where it is still transmitting influence over your life today. About 40% of the time, the client touches in with memories or events which are equally emotionally beautiful as they might be traumatic, but have caused an unfulfilled longing seeking fulfillment or reigned a confusion desiring understanding.  I guide you by asking questions, but Michael guides sometimes offers commentary or suggests a for you during the session. It is not meant as a channeling per’se, but of course, we invite in our friend and benefactor to hold space at least, and to empower your healing when they see you in need of assistance.  The work is designed for you to actively trace, then discover and identify, the source points involved. You are the active one, Michael is only there in support and for occasional help.

Session Length and Content

These session are anywhere from about 90 min – 2 hours, for which I charge a flat fee of $140. Sessions actually conclude organically, when the client(s) is at a natural stopping point; which means they have come to a level of understanding and will ponder or take action outside the session. In some cases, this will mean that the session concludes before 2 hours, other times it will go more than 2 hours. Usually, the fee is the same. Yet this is handled by direct agreement made between facilitator and client.

The Power

Life itself is not difficult! Living it often is! Life can be reduced to one concept: ENERGY. There are many forms of energy: love, food, money, joy, hate, respect, creativity, technology, freedom, physical strength, assets, etc. Most of us have great difficulty in two areas: how to assess the cost of acquiring energy; and how to recognize healthy energy for us. Recapturing attention in the present, for making clearer decisions, and restoring power to the part of you that has amour-propre: the correct balance of self love, self respect, self compassion and self confidence is our objective!

Do Past Lives exist?

Regression Healing and Energy Recapture with Stephen Cocconi

While I believe that they do, for this work there is a simple answer: It doesn’t matter! The human mind is the most complex and inventive device that we know. Nothing that man has discovered can touch it’s power to create.

The mind uses metaphor to assist us to view the metaphysical constituents of any troubling theme or circumstance or relationship. When in the hypnogogic state, the mind evokes this realm and can move freely within it. Transporting ones consciousness to another place, an earlier memory of your life, or perhaps somewhere else in time or dimension, the subtle themes act as the threads to connect images and events. Since memory is an amalgam of small data bits often wrapped together by flavors of emotion, following the emotion is the best way locate points of distortion and origination where contexts were formed. Tap into the focal point of a context, which may be a Karma, Self Karma, or working strategy to cope with a childhood event, and release the emotional anchors  which have held the pattern in place. Once that occurs, you will recapture your energy immediately! Additionally, once you have found and extinguished that pull from the past, your attention is again in the present where you are free to form new habits.


Emogic or emotional logic is real and non-linear. Notice, I didn’t say irrational! Why? Emotion (energy-in-motion) is our animal self, the instinctive guidance system which seeks to protect us from physical danger by pointing us toward safety. Emotional reactions are methods of communication that reveal deeper non-verbal messages. Getting the Emogic of an historic context is key to both release of old trapped energy blocks, and the revealing of deeply hidden personal truths.

Where could it lead?

Commonly, emotionally charged beliefs (called contexts) form during childhood. Yet the unconscious might use the metaphor of another lifetime, identity, or existence to convey the theme of the situation in a safer way. Be willing to utilize whatever images and sensations that arise within you.

The Process

Using the No Fault Communication (NFC) method, we unbundle circumstances into their components of belief, memories, body sensations, and the emotions about yourself and an interaction with a given individual and trace those to their original source. By disentangling statements into their component parts: Thought, Emotion, Sensation, Intensity, Strategy, Belief or Presumption, and Positive Intent to find hidden meanings and conclusions. This is the prescription for reclaiming and generating the Vitality that heals relationships, frees creativity, expands productivity and creating the successful realization of goals.

Constructs and Methods we will use.

  • Juice Meter: How to track your situational emotional intensity (Scale of 1 – 10).
  • Precision Mirroring: The facilitator employs a 3 part approach: 1) structured speaking, effective questioning and meta listening.
  • Speak in 1st Person: The session focus is you and your inner reactions; not an external party or event who you have fixated upon. Reporting all ones emotions and thoughts using the “I” pronoun, activates the brain for deeper personalization and prevents dissociation.
  • Trigger Point Model: We find the triggers or buttons that make X circumstance into an emotionally charged event. We seek to uncover the historic context that cause a reply of life patterns.

Achieving Outcomes: Can you answer these questions honestly?

  1. How important is it to be right about the issue or position? Be honest?
  2. Are you at a place where changing the relationship is a fearful risk?
  3. Are you able to allow for the possibility of a breakthrough?
  4. Are you willing to own how you might have projected some of your beliefs and perhaps disowned traits onto the other person?
For more information call: Stephen Cocconi 209-768-4956
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