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A Motivational Moment (1)

Michael's Moment of MotivationThis card's message offers you a point of focus to consider.  This idea may have threads to a situation, person, point of contention, or challenge that you face. In the skein of fates innumerable weaves are present. Preceding your next move is to get your mind right and right action will take you to the optimal outcome for your growth. Behavior is preceded by an attitude which grows from the germ of a single thought.  Pluck the idea presented with your mind and notice what resonates in the sphere of your being.  Is it harmonious or discordant? Faint or deafening? Curious or repulsive? Inspiring or grating? Or perhaps, vague, blank, or confusing? In any case, notice!

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1. Consider
Contemplate for a moment or for the day, the thought behind this card. Perhaps it applies to you, to someone you care about or interact with? Take a breath! Allow this energy to pass through you and notice: what are you experiencing? Sensation in the body is the most powerful alert that something deeper has been awakened.

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