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Overleaves Spread (7)


Ask for a Situational Profile

(Not intended to reflect a Person's actual Overleaves!)

The Overleaves Spread - (7 cards)

The Overleaves Spread as employed by the Michael Tarot CardsIf one might think of a situation as having a character or personality, then getting a set of Overleaves about that circumstance can be very useful. Additionally, what if the actors in that drama were manifesting strategies or traits that while not their actual life personality still revealed a set of strategies or sub personalities at play? This layout is designed to assess the character of a situation to help the inquirer understand the gambit being played. On the other hand, one can pose the question of what stance one should take to deal with a person with which you are having an interaction and need a way to get through to them.  This layout is in no way intended to foster the belief that what comes up is a reflection of a given person's Overleaves: you own or anyone elses. For Michael Students who know their Overleaves, this layout will probably not produce the set you are familiar with as having chosen this lifetime.

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1. Role
The character trait portrayed in this situation.
2. Goal
What is the purpose of the situation?
The perspective one should bring to bear in considering your alternatives.
Chief Feature
The reaction which might change things.
The way you might decide to act.
How to evaluate the situation? Use this aspect first.
Body Type
The shape of the situation as it might appear as seen by others.

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