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Introducing The Michael Motivation Cards™

This Deck is feedback tool intended to open your mind and broaden your understanding of the aspects of life and all its layers. Card archetypes originate from the same Michael Entity that brought you Overleaves, Soul Ages, and a Cosmology of Creation from the Causal Plane! This deck is a feedback tool providing alternative understanding about the characteristics of people and situations in your life. This is a product developed as an expression of Applied Michael™ Approach, from Stephen Cocconi of The Michael Teaching.com.

Belief is not necessary. Attention is!

No matter what your beliefs about spirituality, religion, psychology, or society, none of them should get in the way of paying attention to your reactions. Opinions are a dime a dozen, but what value one has is reflected in the strength of your emotional reaction to it. Asking a Question of these Cards is an exercise in noticing and exploring your behavior with curiosity. You are guided to self-discovery. No matter what the source, any input that invites you into contemplation will expand your awareness. Pay attention to your emotions. Open your mind and use it!

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Why Use the Motivation Cards? How do they work?

Get the Michael Motivation Cards and experience Michael, Anytime and Anywhere!The Michael Motivation Cards™ are a visual Rorschach. They work because you begin to pay attention to your reactions to what is presented. Those reactions are the best feedback to you of the thought/emotion terrain you are in, and then suggests directions, like a compass, to make your decisions about which way to take and how you might do so.

In the journey of one’s life, the path will have many milestones, bridges, detours, and roadblocks as a natural part of the trek. Such places are critical junctions. Your arrival at the final destination is always certain. Yet, one’s travels take you through many twists, turns, and way-stations during the sojourn which may leave one unsure at times of the direction to proceed. Hence, consulting a road map is necessary. The Cards help to piece together where you’ve been and where you could be going. Refining this clarification process one can select from one of the pre-constructed Motivation Card Layouts.  They can assist you to get a sense of your location and better gauge the ease or difficulty of the terrain.

What is the Purpose of the Michael Motivation Cards™?

Expanding self-awareness! This is mainly accomplished when the Cards or Spreads motivate a useful conversation; either within your own mind, or between you and another person. They offer a neutral medium to approach an issue or get an inspirational idea. In an era when human pressures mount in the face of overpopulation, greater inequality, and environmental degradation, it is crucial that individuals act thoughtfully and with deliberate intention to raise not only their own consciousness, but aid those whose lives they touch. Only creative solutions based in a sense of personal- and social- love and respect will push us through this time of monumental, but frightening change. The evolution of the homo sapiens will not be biological, it will be spiritual! A focus of the Deck is to assist people in navigating through these transitions. Its intent is to motivate self-aware persons to heal Ego-fears, held collectively. Their liberation will usher in evolution’s next step forward: the Humane Being. From that perspective, humans will employ their technologies for advancements in well-being, and restore health to the planet. Use these Cards to assist you to become clearer, find self-acceptance, and empower you to act with more courage and love in your life. When you purchase a Deck and personalize it, you create a personal conduit.

Built-in Methods: Feedback and Divination

Why use the Michael Tarot Divination Cards?A foundation precept underlying the Michael Motivation Cards™ (MMC) Deck is Emotions Drive Everything! As the primarily filter of our perception, they shape our meanings and opinions and fuel our actions. Getting gotten on (i.e. naming) one’s emotions, and then grasping the mind’s meanings and historic triggers they elicit, broadens self-awareness. From there one is elevated into a dispassionate state of expanded neutrality called metaness. These terms are borrowed from my mediation and facilitation coaching service called No-Fault Communication. Thus, how you react to any Card or its messages is designed to help you get gotten and reach a meta perspective about dealing with a person or deciding any issue.

Secondly, the MMC can be used as a form of divination, which simply means consulting an intuitive source about possibilities. People mistakenly confuse that idea with fortune telling. It is not. I’ve never found that any card deck conveys prescience; although I’ve met a few rare persons who can. The vocabulary proffered by the MMC is a precisely selected, yet commonly understood, terminology functioning like a Rosetta Stone providing non-physical sources a vehicle for expression. The MMC ideas are in contemporary vernacular and have little of the obscure meaning that esoteric Tarot or Runic archetypes may have. The MMC are meant to be read as they are presented. Layers yes, but with no cryptic deciphering necessary.

The Michael Motivation Cards™ is NOT a Tarot Deck!

It should be stressed that the Michael Motivation Cards ARE NOT a TAROT deck. This distinction is vital since the responses are in contemporary language and not of an arcane or mystical bent. Rather they present alternative view points to circumstances and courses of action.

For those familiar with the traditional 14th century Tarot using symbols like: Magician, Cups, Wands, Swords, etc. you will note that this deck DOES NOT utilize those archetypes and has no structural similarity to those of the historic Tarot. There are literally hundreds of Tarot variations all employing the same suits, symbols, and terms; with the only variations represented in their choice of images and the author’s interpretations.

Instead, the integrated set of concepts featured in these Cards are drawn from the Michael Teaching Cosmology mentioned above. Differentiating the MMC Deck from Tarot is important in that the construction, purpose, and tone seek to open your mind and get you to notice your reactions and dredge up your inner awareness; rather than simply provide you some esoteric or rehashed information. Occasionally, I may make a comparison to the Tarot since ideas are universal even when “packaged” differently. For example, Card 76 – Cycle-Off has some equivalence to the Tarot’s Death Card; and Card 68 Essence Twin to the Lovers Card.

When you Read the Cards

How to Read the Michael Tarot CardsThe Deck is a feedback tool providing a universal vocabulary for descriptive commentary about the issues, people, relationships, or circumstances in the questioners life. The tactile and visual formulation of this medium anchors the information in a more kinesthetic way, affording you the opportunity to re-examine exact Card concepts or layouts, for later study and contemplation. The source of the Michael Motivation Cards™ deck is the same Michael Entity from the Causal Plane which introduced the concepts of: Overleaves, Soul Ages, and TAO’s Cosmology of Creation presented in the MT. This Deck is a distillation extracted from those original messages with augmentation from several complementary sources. It is the first tangible tool to offer a user direct interaction with Michael’s energy through the catalyst of the Cards. Thus, you may expect the Cards’ tenor to relay a Masculine-Intellectual-Warrior-King tone in the written responses.

The symbols, names, and structural relationships featured in these Cards, derive from those original archetypes formulated over forty years ago, and have continued to evolve ever since. The Cards’ composition and descriptions merge Michael’s messages into a narrative that can open a portal into your psyche. Besides functioning as a bridge for divination, it is built with a multi-layered design which can trigger one’s own free association of words, or stimulate your interpretation of images, like a Rorschach projection test. The Motivations represented on each Card can facilitate creative thinking: like a friendly whomp-up-side-the-head jarring loose a different, or out-of-the-box, point of view or solution, about a situation. And, for persons interested in the MT, they effectively act as flash cards for familiarization of its key terms and core concepts. The power of the Cards does not lie, however, in their images or messages per se; it works when you notice how they trigger your: memories, emotions, attitudes, sensations, moments of insight or flights of imagination. Any feedback you experience can have an exhilarating zing in its clarity or a disturbing clunk in its unveiling. Use the strength of your reaction when weighing the applicability of a situational motivation or suggested behaviors to engage in, or to refrain from. Feedback is playfully worded, but aiming for practicality. Ultimately, since everyone interprets and validates their own reality: your final understanding and meaning lie within you!

One Perspective from an Enthusiastic User

“For 40 years I’ve used Oracles: like the I-Ching, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Runes. These last few months I’ve used the Michael Motivation Cards online, and find it incredible! The language is contemporary English; and the responses are the finest tuned I’ve encountered. It is by far one of the most comprehensive interpretations of Michael’s (M’s) Overleaves System, I have yet read. I experience M’s actual presence every time I’ve asked a question from the online cards. Their reply’s usually answer me straight-on, or it activates my sense of irony. I wholeheartedly recommend you spend time playing with the Michael Motivation Cards! Learn some of the spreads and tune your own intuition about what you are attracted to and how you are led to use it. Michael’s human partner in this creation Stephen Cocconi; is only a telephone call away, to help you personalize your experience.” Satya Newday

Connect with Stephen about the Motivation Cards call: 209-768-4956.

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