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Michael Thought  – (1 card)

A Motivational Moment Spread - The Michael Motivation CardsA daily contemplation.

A card meant to stimulate your thinking or give rise to an insight about a situation. Draw a card each day for personal reflection and conceptual understanding.

Yin/Yang  Spread – (2 cards)

The Duality Spread of the Michael Tarot Divination CardsThis layout considers both sides of the choice coin: what happens if you do and what happens if you do not. Yes and No answers. While the cards are not specifically affirmative or negative responses, with do or do not do outcomes, they do relay a strong sense of whether the path is open and go or closed and retreat. This spread is useful for momentary decisions. All choices you make are Free Will and will serve the data collection of your evolution in one way or another. Ultimately, for the Essence, there is no Wrong answer. However for the Personality, one choice can be more enjoyable, favorable, and less painful, than another.

Synthesis Spread – (3 cards)

The Triad Spread of the Michael Teaching Divination CardsPositive, Negative, Neutral – When stifled to make a necessary decision, but polarized in one direction, this spread reveals the aspects at each polarity. The positive element, the negative element and finally, the middle or neutral ground. The action perspective is from the neutral ground. If a illuminated side appears in the negative position, it is possible that an open strategy is misplaced. When a Shadow side lands in the postive position this would indicate that some stealth or contracted action is working in a beneficial way in this situation. Your action is now informed and neutral. You may proceed or choose to completely exit the situation. If the latter is not an option, a Karma may be holding your attention in place. Try using the Karma layout for further insight.

Relationship Spread – (3 cards)

The Relationship Spread in The Michael Motivation CardsWhen anyone seeks to know about a relationship, they are asking to compare themselves and what they want with another person or situation. This is a simple spread that is Card 1- Other, Card 2 – Myself, and Card 3 – Nature of the Relationship. This spread is useful to determine the central nature of a relationship to a person or a given circumstance at a given moment in time. Hold in your mind the who or what you are relating to. The cards answer from your perspective only! The patterns, concerns, and applicability of these items is your Essence conveying what you need to know about how this relationship affects you. Consult the Michael Cards.

Collaboration Spread in the Michael Motivation CardsCollaboration Spread – (3 cards) – You, Other, and the Project

handshake-trustThis spread is useful to determine the qualities you have in an interaction or task with another person, thing (machine, program, or training) or circumstance (trip, marriage,) or a specific project, engagement, or opportunity. Life brings people together that might otherwise have no interest in being together but have a joint endeavor or face a common mutual choice. Hold in your mind the who or what you are relating to. Generally, the responses given to the questioner are tailored to that person. However, patterns, concerns, and applicability of these items is your Essence conveying what you need to know about how this relationship affects you.* Therefore, it might be useful to rephrase the question from the point of view of the other party: “What is X learning or going to experience from this collaboration?”

Collaboration Spread in the Michael Motivation CardsTime Trajectory Spread – (3 Cards)

Time Trajectory Spread past-present-future - Michael Motivation CardsA traditional inquiry finally brought to the Michael Cards, covering an issues time periods of the Past, the Present, and Future. Trace the path of an current situation or relationship from its roots (possibly unknown to you then); to the current crossroads of decision or concern or interest; then find out the direction those motivations will take you.


The Karma Spread – (4 cards)

karma12Karma is the worldly action-reaction cycle. Karma demands reciprocity for balance. A Karma is an intense emotional experience unresolved by an individual and looking for completion by what we call “getting gotten.”  This spread reads the situation and names the elements of which you and the universe are seeking balance. It is useful to use the Karma Spread when you find yourself wrapped in the veil of intense emotions about something, or in a struggle. Situations that might best be analyzed with this spread include: important decisions involving another: spouse, child, boss, or parent. A career change, major move, decision about your health or resources might also be appropriate.  The last card is the Action card since Karma requires some action to move toward completion.

Collaboration Spread in the Michael Motivation CardsThe Quartet of Work Quadrant Spread – (4 Cards)

Ensemble-KneiselQuartetMichael’s use of the idea of Quadrants and the four person ensemble of musicians called a quartet conceptually dovetail. This spread is useful if your question involves assembling a team of actual people, OR of assessing the traits useful for you to use in each of the “quadrant positions.” The card placeholder name and its function are listed below.


The Future/Oracle Spread – (5 cards)

Delphi-OracleThis spread shows the way from beginning to end and past to the future. This layout is useful to comprehend the stages of a process. The actions, decisions, attitudes, emotions, and persons present since the beginning, influence the outcome that might follow. Card 2 alerts you to the present circumstance. Card 3 is the grip of Ego asserting itself. If you are having a desired outcome with this energy, then use it wisely. Card 4 -THE AUDACITY CARD (take a bold out-of-the-box risk) infers two categories of strategy: act fast or let go. In any case, if you are to avoid or break Ego’s influence of Card 3, then this is the means to do so. Card 5 the Outcome will tell you which course of action is favored to create the outcome asked in this reading.

Collaboration Spread in the Michael Motivation CardsFamily Imprint  Spread – (7 cards)

(adapted from the work of Bert Hellinger The Family Constellation©

The primary use of this spread is to locate and understand the influence of “cast members” with whom you shared the life stage production called “my family, my childhood.”  Family is your first society and is central to physical survival. It the source of one’s most profound and meaningful learning.  Family, or its substitutes, provide one’s initial imprinting for living, which includes: identity formation – either in supportive or wounding ways. It is influences of one’s: parents, siblings, relatives, but even beloved teachers and pets, all in the environment (economic, geographic, and racial) the family unit was nested.

The Overleaves Spread – (7 cards)

The Overleaves Spread as employed by the Michael Tarot CardsIf one might think of a situation as having a character or personality, then getting a set of Overleaves about that circumstance can be very useful. Additionally, what if the actors in that drama were manifesting strategies or traits that while not their actual life personality still revealed a set of strategies or sub personalities at play? This layout is designed to assess the character of a situation to help the inquirer understand the gambit being played. On the other hand, one can pose the question of what stance one should take to deal with a person with which you are having an interaction and need a way to get through to them.  This layout is in no way intended to foster the belief that what comes up is a reflection of a given person’s Overleaves: you own or anyone elses. For Michael Students who know their Overleaves, this layout will probably not produce the set you are familiar with as having chosen this lifetime.

The Revelation Spread – (10 cards)

The Revelation Spread of The Michael Tarot Divination CardsOn occasion, the need for a new or outside idea or approach is required. This spread represents the “out-of-the-box” viewpoint offering a completely different set of inputs than those you are working on now. If you desire a perspective freed from the limitations of your own attachments or perceived current circumstances, then this is the spread for you to utilize.

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