Jun 062013


Thanks for continuing your support of the Michael Motivation Cards™. I’ve had many requests for an easy-to-understand visual guide which show the decks subsets reflecting cross-relationships of the cards to each other.  Notice group classifications are the order of numbering, significant corner symbols, rows by catergory, colored columns showing the vertical associations to the specific Roles sets and their subordinate Overleaves; with the remaining subsets at the bottom of the page each emphasising relevant aggregations.



Symbols near the words indicate that they are a category heading. Cards show a combination of 4 symbols, one on each corner, denoting a membership in several groups. Colors depict the chakra associated with each Role. Other group colors relate tonal qualities of Soul Age, Covenant, and Personality augments. All characteristics are equal in creation by TAO. Cards possess vibrational qualities. Similar colors correlate members of that group into progressive scales. Numbering is done on the basis of Overleaf placement, and then are by additional significance in the Michael Teachings.


This chart can be downloaded FOR FREE in PDF format! Enjoy!

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