Applied Michael Teachings Course aka – Soul-ciology™


A Twenty (20) Week Course:

In depth analysis and application of the Michael Teachings.

Soul Ciology - a course of Applied Michael

Moderator & Host:  Stephen J Cocconi


PowerPoint and Live Chat will be used to make the event interactive.

Begins: May 15th, 2012

  • Live online – Ongoing Tuesday nights- 6:30-pm – 7:30 pm PST
  • Using Computer Mic and Camera with live interaction.
  • $7 per session (paid by PayPal)
  • Individual class sessions will be recorded and available for listening and viewing  at the digression of the participant.
  • Attend any class session separately, or register for the entire course.

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For almost 40 years, people throughout the world have discovered the Michael Teachings and found a unique approach to understanding themselves and gained a context in which to view the world and human race within it. This course is a synthesis of all of the materials published to date and edited by me, Stephen Cocconi.

My intention to provide a forum for dialogue about the Michael Teaching concepts. Many of these courses presented by me and other channels, has been a monologue given from  channeled materials both spoken and written. Our current transition of our human condition demands more of each of us both in understanding and subsequent action than ever before. Discussion and analysis of these ideas may assist you in articulating a body of ideas which stimulate and solidify personal thought which bolster your commitment to action.  If you want to contribute! Then this is the place to be.

Course Curriculum:

  • Class 1: Course Context

a)      Discussion of Michael’s Assumptions about being human and the Physical Plane:

b)      The Current State of Humanity, Earth, our Knowledge and what is called

c)      Beginning of the Mature Soul Era and The 20th 21st Centuries:

d)      Discussion of Dualities: What is true (factual) about living on Earth? The battle between love and power. Value and Worth. Enter Michael and the Onset of Channeled Sources Religion, Spirituality, Personal Ethics and the merger of Spirituality, Personal Integrity, and the Scientific Mind. Determinism, Chaos, Free Will and the assessment of Reality. The Pain – Pleasure Continuum. Assumptions about Creationism & Evolution


  • Class 2:  Spirituality, Religion, Psychological, Mystical and Scientific views of reality.

a)      Overview of the Michael Teaching – What does it offer? Is it valuable? How do employ the precepts in your life?

b)      Creation, God and the Universe. Introduction to TAO – Brief Introduction to Casting Order & Michael Math

c)       The Soul and its Evolution.

d)      Introduction to 4 Realms of Creation

e)      Human Personality and the Ego.


  • Class 3 – Soul Age Evolution:

a)      The five stages of human development.

b)      Seven Stages in each soul age – how they effect a world view

c)       Does our history bear it out? Where are we now? Are we guaranteed survival? How will the transition look in real terms? The Ascension Movement: where to place faith, and how to generate hope. Parallel realities and alternate universes. (Use the film – Sliding Door as an Example)


  • Class 4 – The Overleaves Set – Building Blocks for institutions, cultural beliefs, and conflicts in communications.

a)      Begin: The 4 Axis and what they mean.

b)      Abraded Overleaves

c)      Positive and Negative Poles

d)      Sliding to get all of the experiences

e)      The 7 Roles: Understanding the deepest archetypal motivations of the physical plane.

f)        Assessing Your Role


  • Class 5 – Discussion of the Seven Goals: Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, Reevaluation, Growth, and Relaxation

a)      How Goals have underscored, political, religious, scientific and economic values and objectives.

b)      Understanding the push-pull energy of the Goal as a personality trait..

c)      How they interact with other Overleaves.

d)      How these differing objectives constrain cultures, individual relationships and create misunderstanding.


  • Class 6 – Discussion of Modes: Caution, Power, Reservation, Passion, Perseverance, Aggression, and Observation
  1. The strategic way we implement the requirements of the Goal.
  2.  The Stock Market: A view of all the modes in action.


  • Class 7 –  Discussion of Attitudes: Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist, Stoic, Spiritualist, and Pragmatist

a) Perspectives on reality. The frames of reference from which all other beliefs are flavored or tinted. How competing attitudes within us and in the world can lock out other perspectives. The negative pole of “rightness” and closed mindedness.


  • Class 8 – Centers: How we perceive and filter information differently and proceed to act accordingly. The nature of stimulus-response and the cycle of the centers.
  • Class 9 – Chief Ego Defenses

The Seven Deadly sins and the primary way that Ego copes with fear. Social conflict and the way people deal with problems. Overcoming Chief Feature – stop lying about the emotions.


  • Class 10 – Body Types, Health

Social perception, health illness, body image and racial attributes.


  • Class 11 – Masculine-Feminine Energy

The Yin Yang influence of focus/diffuse energy.


  • Class 12 – Frequency

Measuring pace, output, rate of speech, thought, and action. Vs. Vibration – Attunement with ones’ own nature. Resonance with light truth and other elements of being. The Vitality Tone Scale. – The power of Emotion to alter vibration, attitudes, and state of well being.


  • Class 13 – Karma and Agreements

Sin, Punishment, Compassion, Forgiveness, and The Reflection and Projection Model of Learning – All Truths are True, A beauty and purposefulness to everything. What is happening in today’s society? What might we deduce about our era?


  • Class 14 – Monads: The Mandatory Human Relationship Archetypes


  • Class 15 – The Sub-Personalities – Knowing Your Inner Self

The competing interests that contain life contexts, beliefs, habit patterns, and residual personality fragments. Mental Illness from a Michael point of view.


  • Class 16 –  Life Task

Birth Platform, Seven Trues, and creating a Life Porpoise for the personality.


  • Class 17 – The Nine Needs and The Support Circle

Filling in the persons that make life function for the better.


  • Class 18 – Casting Order and the affect upon your Perceptions and Choices.
  1. Creation and Evolution according to Michael?
  2. The Cosmic Universe. What is the nature of God?
  3. Who runs the show, here: Essence or personality?
  • Class 19: The role of Nature in our Journey on the Physical Plane.
  1. Internal Monads.
  2. Interaction with the natural world? Dominance, Aggression, Duality, Pleasure and Pain, Gender.
  3. How does one explain evolution, a lack of evidence for God as Prime Mover and the presence of consciousness?
  4. Dealing with Death.


  • Class 20 – Conclusion: Trust, Faith, Hope, and Action
  1. What if any conclusions have you drawn about your existence here?
  2. Does this change your view?
  3. Can you imagine yourself altering your behavior?

Note: These classes will not incorporate live Michael channeling by me. I shall be participating as the forum host,  presenter, and moderator of the evening’s discussion material. And of course, excited student about gaining greater employment and depth of the Michaels’ concepts put to work in my life.


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