Jun 162015

Recordings for the Michael Motivation CardsThe following recordings were made at the East Coast Michael Gathering at 7 Oaks April 24th, 2015

Feel free download any/all of the segments for later listening. There is no fee for doing so. If you wish to have the entire parent recording of this lecture, you may download that 64 minute file from the link here or again at the bottom of the page.

If these segments have raised additional specific questions, please email me. 

PART 1 – Introduction and Preserving Your Deck

PART 2 – Understanding Layers of Feedback

PART 3 – Using the Pocket Guide and Construction of the Deck

PART 4 – Energizing and Personalizing Your Deck

PART 5 – Deconstructing Meaning – Cues for Feedback

PART 6 – Dual Motivations Explained

PART 7 – The Visual Guide – Sets, Groups, Numbering, Attributes

PART 8 – Symbolism of the Card Back

PART 9 – Q & A and Exercise in Using 2-Card Spreads

PART 10 – Gauging your Emotional Reactions with the Zing-Clunk Meter

PART 11 – Understanding Positive and Negative Poles: Getting Meta about Fear

PART 12 – Readings: Having Conversations and Asking Better Questions

PART 13 – Using Layouts and Spreads and Closing Thoughts

Download the Entire Overview of the Michael Motivation Cards  Lecture Here
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