Goals – The Motivator


by Stephen Cocconi  ©2017

The Goal is the Overleaf energy that provides the motivation, focus and direction that the Essence implements during a lifetime. Hence, all of the Goals are compel us toward greater expansion and thus spiritual evolution. The choice of a Goal is governed by Essence. Every goal has a general purpose but can allow for many different styles or strategies as you will see below. All goals assist the person in achieving mastery in that area.*  By design, the Goal is a form of compulsion. It’s tendency is to create a sense of void that needs filling. Thus attraction toward the goal is fulfilling when someone undertakes their specific agenda items Essence propagated within their Personality.

Oveleaves Goal as defined in the Michael Teaching

Acceptance as defined in The Michael Teaching Discrimination as defined in The Michael Teaching Relaxation as defined in The Michael Teaching Growth as defined in The Michael Teaching Reevaluation as defined in The Michael Teaching Dominance as defined in The Michael Teaching Submission as defined at The Michael Teaching

The Goal is the “what” factor in the who, what, when, where, why and how, of these concepts. It is what you are motivated to learn about by using strategies that will invoke opportunities to do the Goal. True personality, which is defined as the positive pole of the Overleaves, is guiding the person the likelihood increases that he/she will accomplish their Goal.  The more you work toward creating opportunities to help you experience your Goal, the more satisfied and genuinely accomplished you will feel as a Personality and at a Being level. The opposite is true as well. If one remains in the negative pole of a Goal, then there will be dissatisfaction. When false personality or Ego defensiveness is dominating the personality, then he/she can inadvertently sabotage their own learning. In cases such as these, the evolution of that soul is slowed, though no knowledge is ever wasted. It does happen that when a soul does not achieve the desired learning from a given lifetime it will return to try that Goal again. This is the purpose of Reincarnation.

The Goal and the Attitude combine to form the framework in which a person will establish their preferences, beliefs, and values.  The Goal and the Mode combine to formulate the action plan and implement and habits that strategies to accomplish the goal. When the Soul age is factored into the equation, a quotient of such qualities as: rigidity or flexibility, simplicity or complexity, truthfulness or deceptiveness, depth or shallowness, will influence the unique formula of the individual life equation. The life equation is that intersection where our internal state interacts with the external world and the karmic and dharmic paths one has set out for themselves. Add elements like: fear, free will, loyalty, desire, and the inequalities of human power; and an infinite number of non-replicable dramas exist.

Understanding ones Goal and aligning oneself with it, can mean a lessening of the internal stress that self doubt or uncertainty produces. It is one more step toward living an authentic and thereby happier life experience.

We create institutions that reflect our Goals and those of the society at large.  Many businesses are formulated on the basis of Growth. Others, like the military, have at its core the goal of Dominance.  Religious orders of all kinds seek to insure the devotion of the faithful and embody the goal of Submission.  Critics of all kinds: wine tasters, movie reviewers, quality control experts, and accountants have Discrimination as the central motif of their work.  Almost all non-profit charitable groups are moved to exhibit “brotherly love” toward their peers in need. They are motivated by a Goal of Acceptance.  Re-evaluation can be had in the monastic lifestyle or explored through therapy. Relaxation is the one Goal that may not have stimulated an institution but rather an industry – vacations anyone. These are just some example of how the Goal can impact institutions.

* Substitute the word Goal with ambition or aspiration, or in a broader sense targeted direction.  While the Overleaf meanings uses the term goal, in a categorical way, we still are referring to the basic drives innate in humans. The instinctive goal or directive of the Personality is to have the organism survive (a given life). A common directive we share with all of our animal forebears. The Essence, on the other hand, has the goal of exploration and ecstasy (because for the soul, existence is eternal).

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