Essence Fragments or Simultaneous Selves


Channeling by Stephen Cocconi Notes from ©12/99

When you feel an affinity with other places in the world, you tend to think of past lives and there is some truth to that. But, if the affinity draws you – you have a sense of someone you need to find – if you experience a shared sensing of another part of Self in another part of the world, it may be you detecting another Essence Fragments also called a Simultaneous Self or Concurrent Personalities.

Simultaneous Selves or Concurrent Essence Fragment as defined in the Michael Teaching

This is not the same thing as Parallel Realities or Parallel Universes like those mentioned by Emily Baumbach. For these aspects of personal identity are you, just playing out alternate possibilities in concurrent timelines and/or in other dimensions. In contrast, Simultaneous Selves are separate personalities that the Essence has spawned, conducting their own lives but in the same world, in the same dimension, at the same time in history. However, their physical location, genders, ages, race, and Overleaves (accept Role) vary.

It does happen for you to bump into someone – a feeling that is described as “peculiar” – a sense of familiarity and alike-ness without an Essence Twin encounter. A feeling of looking directly at oneself. If they are a different gender, race or age, you may not feel an awareness of why you have this curiosity or recognition that occurs even before you have a conversation with them.

Compared to the ET relationship which can be intense, romantic or repulsive in its nature, with a SS (simultaneous self) there is more a feeling of “what is it about you?” Some of you have bumped into soul fragments. When that happens, staring usually ensues. An analogy to animals staring into mirrors, watching their own responses to themselves.

Why is this important and why now? The world population is increasing, with 6 billion people now on the planet, more than has cumulatively existed throughout all time up until the 1900s. This means that your likelihood of bumping into aspects of yourself is also increasing. Most of the old souls in this room have between 2 and 3 simultaneous selves on the planet right now. This channel has one who was in the Tienanmen Square uprising, who is now about 68 and in prison. There is a sense of impact or dislike of something “irrational” with no anchor to anything in this lifetime. If you are triggered by an event in this lifetime there can be a bleed through of your soul fragment’s experience. You may share preferences for food, concepts, beliefs and values.

This is not the same thing as time travel, which is not destined in this universe for quite sometime. You share a single chakra system with the other self. When two share a connecting chakra system, a joining of that is the best way to share memories.

Why would your essence want two soul fragments to bump into each other? There has been no time period evolving more quickly than this one. It compresses the sheer quantity of experience, moving through karmas 1000 fold. Fast paced, dynamic field of play. Spawn as much as one can to accelerate your own learning which accelerates the experience of the Tao itself.

Tao considers self-delusion necessary – if all of you learned everything all at once – you would short-circuit and destruct. Tao really values this place and not just humans, either. You humans elevate your own place to one of superiority – Man is steward over the earth – quote from bible has been misinterpreted. If you really knew that it would change the way you do everything.

Global mind expanding – people say the concept of an ET is believable, but SS is not. Everyone has a say. Not here to say that this is truth and this is lies. As long as we put out information, we do not imply that you have to believe it – it is simply to get you to think deeper, open-minded of possibilities.

Channels come with different abilities, interests etc. and we use them this way. When you, with a channel, find their information more or less useful, that’s what is important. There is a tendency right now for growing factions within the Michael Teaching. We are NOT a belief system. We don’t care what you think. What is important is to increase love, honor and awareness on the planet. Our intent is not for bickering – anything going on between one channel and another comes from their Ego – not from us.

Year One started in 1999. The last two weeks have had enormous energy around re-evaluation and review. Siege of emotional center – this big vomit has two themes. The first is around loss and grief. What has been taken from you and is still unresolved? The second feeling is a void of course – spaciness – “I don’t know what’s going on” – daze and haze. You will start to heal throughout December.

If you are making plans for December, forget it. Live spontaneously instead. It isn’t that plans won’t happen, but Loki energy is up all over. Re-evaluation is not about control, but about hibernation, pulling Self inward, etc. Wait until after January 5 th before planning new goals for the coming year.

Rest a lot – if ill or extremely tired – you are deep in the throes of it. Make lists of gratitudes, grief, amends and completions. Can’t force completion, but ask that whatever is still affecting you, that the opportunity be presented to work through it. This is the feminine part of the year, allow it to move out of you and you can enjoy December quite greatly. There will be lots of unexpected and welcome surprises. If you try to control and stuff your feelings with an “I fixed that!” there will be a rude awakening including illness and shocks to your system. Letting whatever is there move through will serve you better. Remember that this has been a 70-frequency year – a lot has happened to move through.

For our channels out there, we have talked about our eventual departure less than 2 years from now. We will not be presenting ourselves as we do now through Stephen, Holly, and JP etc. Those channels that have adopted our energy, allowed themselves to be healed will become our soul fragments on the planet – where they go, we will go. The same is for each of you.

In the Ramtha community 12 years ago, when the original cadence left, a baby soul warrior got a hold of JZ Knight. It was bizarre. Wanted a rigid, cult-like structure, which some humans found useful. Appeals to folks who cannot deal with the gulf between shadow and ego issues.

Those of you who hold us in integral ways have to be “open” to channel. A bent piece of metal cannot hold a perfect “c” note. But, when it is straightened into a triangle and struck by a wand (us) then there is a good tone. Much more resonance this way. Our channels are probably more foibled humans than you – that’s why they agree to bring us in to change more quickly. Much increase of “heat” into the system. Degree to which “metal” melts down, it then either fragments or becomes harder, more pure and therefore a finer instrument to play. We see a lot of channels falling away and factions arise. Pay attention to them in this way; listen to the underlying fear that is being expressed. Anything read about our material is valid. How much you agree with it or find it useful is a personal prerogative.


Lauren : I have had an affinity for Los Angeles ; another channel said there was a younger male, possibly working for Steven Spielberg, named Edward, and they couldn’t pull out more. The draw has subsided somewhat. Do you see that he’s there? What is his last name?

Mike Answer: Mc something – McCloskey, McCleary or McKenna. He has moved out of LA – lives in New York now and is probably still working with movies. His energy is on the production part – a person who travels to find locations for movies – easier to travel from there. He works for 2 studios and contracts to find locations for their movies. You had a window 4 – 7 years ago where the two of you could have met up – your essence wanted you to get some translation work, seeing you struggle, not sexual, 48 – 49 maybe younger. He has battled severe depression at age 20 when you were 40 when you also felt it. He was institutionalized. What your essence would’ve conveyed is that you can survive. Now the necessity is less. You have another fragment – a young 16-year-old girl in the Pacific NW – Seattle – named Melinda – Japanese American but the difference is she digs her mixed heritage. Your essence would like you to experience that.

Mike Answer To All: We could do a 5-minute meditation to put out an All Points Bulletin for your other fragments – pinging – to see where it goes. Send out a blip to see what it brings back with as little judgment as possible – note where it comes from.

Jim: You have a little boy in the Midwest, quite happy, in some enclave in Missouri – lots of old soul clusters in the Midwest – St. Louis is one.

To All: The primary reason for fragments to come together is when one of you is in trouble and your essence wants you to survive.

Karen: If we have 3, 4 or 5 fragments out there – why would they all be on the West Coast for Lauren, if they were created so that we have more experience, why is the location so close?

Mike Answer: Because a variety of experience can be had quite close in proximity. The outside of one’s life can look quite different, but the internal experience can be quite the same – and vice versa. It is the inside experience that needs to be different.

Mike Answer To All: Consider also, what is it like for them to have YOU as one of their fragments.

Jim: The kid is 9 and into martial arts.

Mike Answer: Your soul fragment will have the same role and ET as you. They take on similar over leaves, but the modes and chief features can be quite different. They can also manifest a different soul age. Your essence is not bound by linear constraints – it follows them some because they are convenient, but they are not necessary. You all have to follow the monads at least once in both directions and also go through all soul ages to get out of here. Soul age manifests more as a frame of reference than a quantity of history. It is extremely rare to see a soul jump forward. They don’t have the wherewithal but old souls can go backwards.

Jim: How do these fragments affect our cycling off?

Mike Answer: Fragments don’t have their own soul cycles. All the experience goes back to one essence and then it cycles off. The movie of the Dark Crystal demonstrates this in the end when they all come together and then evolve. This little boy is manifesting the full soul age, wealthy agricultural-science father, might own his own genetic engineering firm – plenty of green. He is also going to inherit your enjoyment of motorcycles, much to his father’s dismay.

Ardis: My ET met one of his soul fragments and I tabled it – I didn’t want to meet another ET. But I am curious.

Mike Answer: Jim is a 2nd level old, manifesting at a 5 th level mature soul. He found you because he needed you.

Ardis: What would my experience of his fragment be?

Mike Answer: Good question, not a gay/love experience for you. It is not necessary that you would feel any bond. The roles playing out are preset and will greatly affect who comes in to play them out. There is always the possibility that other fragments of ETs will meet to complete the learning.

Karen: Is it possible that you would complete one part of your work with one aspect of your ET and then another part of work with a fragment of your ET?

Mike Answer: Yes, it is all about choice of what your essence wants to consider. These are not rules – but the Tao is infinitely practical – it doesn’t want to mute down experiences by too many repetitions.

Yvonne: I had a relationship with a man, Bob. It was familiar, curious and magnetic. I have never understood. I thought he was my ET until I met Len.

Mike Answer: He was definitely a fragment of you. Bob came in for you to feel inspiration – you really admired him because he tickled you and your admiration built up his self-esteem.

Ardis: I met a woman – Mary – online on a Michael thread. There is so much familiarity. I had a dream that Michael told me she was a simultaneous self.

Mike Answer: We can’t tell for sure, need to see a picture. If she’s not, then she is definitely a heart link. 7 th level old artisan.

Mike Answer To All: Soul fragments can go through many lifetimes – your essence can do anything it wants. It will do whatever it takes to accomplish a learning task.

Jim: I saw an Indian woman about my age, feeling of recognition when our eyes met, Soul Fragment?

Mike Answer: Possibly.

Gary: Julie Wickens in Seattle – met online – definitely karma completion, but also soul fragment? Helped her out of a bind.

Mike Answer: Not clear to us.

Gary: Do I have fragments?

Mike Answer: You have 4 – a gay man in Florida, a woman in the northwest about 35 (perhaps Julie), an East European possible a Pole or Czech who is a man in his 60s in the communist party and one more that is a recent child.

Karen: Can you go around the room and tell us how many fragments each of us has, just to get a feel?

Mike Answer: Ardis – 1, recent, perhaps Tate. Karen C. – 3. Karen D – 2. Gary – 4. Janet – 4. Lauren – 3. Jim – 5.  Yvonne – 1 and due for more. Laurie – 2 and Stephen – 3. And remember, within this number, you are one of the fragments in the number we cited.

Mike Answer To All: Remember, essences can be just as secretive as any personality. When we ask a question, we are asking it of your essence. Information is based upon what your essence says to us. Also, feedback to and through a channel can also be distorted. So, if you get information that is different, consider those reasons why.

Yvonne: What is my connection to the North Berkeley area?

Mike Answer: An Indian tribe from 3 – 600 years ago. You were part of a tribe that lived there and also in the Spanish/Mexican settlements of California . There is a lot of affinity in the big ranches. People you have connections with there were in the tribe with you. There is a feeling of “I know this place” more than a need to live there.

Ardis: Regarding the manifestation of the Infinite Soul – when Christ was here, were there fragments of him?

Mike Answer: No.

Ardis: What about the concept of different roles and how that affects them as channels?

Mike Answer: It affects the process of how they bring in the information. The level of personal psychological health, spiritual humility, emotional integrity and ego unattachment all affect the channeling. You have to consider the screen through which the information filters. Roles – it is true that the number of kinds of energies one is likely to bring through is affected by the role. Artisans and Sages are capable of channeling more diversity whereas the more solid roles will take on one at a time. A lot of Kings don’t like to channel us per se. They channel more body truth. They can go into diatribes like Scholars, but Kings want command over the information. Priests are much more likely to be at extremes with their information – they either don’t want someone to feel bad, or they go to fire and brimstone – shame and guilt. Servers are rare to find as channels, but when they are, they are very clear. When they are living with their life task, they can be extremely good channels – delivering the truth is their service. Sages can often run at the mouth – determine clarity versus verbosity. Scholars want to hear the data, which interferes with the channeling. Clarity is not a role related issue. The method the Channel employs will is much more likely to determine a person’s clarity of information receiving and telling.

Mike to Group: “Thank you for coming. We hope that has been of some use to you.”


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